Hocus Pocus is famed for its ringed morsels of heavenly goodness — otherwise known as donuts.

How much do the donuts cost?

Donuts from the side inside Hocus Pocus
Which one(s) will you choose? | Photo by Alex Ziminski

While not as cheap as chain donut stores — think Krispy Kreme and Mister Donut — these are artisanal doughnuts and deserve a deeper dig in to your pocket. You can expect to pay around ¥400 to ¥600 for one donut. To dine inside, you’ll need to order a drink — a drip coffee will set you back ¥550. All in all, expect to pay about ¥1,000 for a coffee and donut.

How to make a reservation at Hocus Pocus

You can’t make reservations at Hocus Pocus — simply line up and eat in, or take away.

Food: How are the donuts?

Donuts and coffee from above at Hocus Pocus
This rose-flavored donut blew our minds. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Hocus Pocus donuts are soft, spongy, and closer to cake than the donuts you may be used to. There are both steamed and baked options.

The flavors are unique, with interesting combinations to keep you guessing. We sampled three types: rose, mint chocolate, and raspberry chocolate. All were light and airy and satisfied the palate, but the rose flavor had a unique jelly texture and taste that won the crown.


Hocus Pocus has various coffee options (hot or iced), made with beans from the famous Little Nap Coffee Stand in Yoyogi. Also on the menu is tea, as well as apple and orange juices.


Inside Hocus Pocus donut shop
You won’t be short of green. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

The shop makes buying a donut feel like a stylish and luxurious experience. You could say it’s even a tad intimidating. A glass counter stretches across half the room and it almost feels as if you are shopping for fancy furniture, not donuts.

If eating in, you have the option of a large wooden table in the center, or a long table looking out onto the street. There’s also a bench outside in case you want to eat in the sun.

Our review of Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is not for any old donut fan, but for someone who wants to experiment. The various flavors keep things exciting and the lack of oil makes you almost feel healthy eating it. Who said donuts weren’t part of your five-a-day? Disclaimer: We aren’t nutritionists.

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