This is where you can go if you want watch live old school jazz in an intimate setting. The shows can go from between 500- 2,500 Yen; you are getting top value for your Yen. For that, you can put up with the begrudging bar man for two sets. Don’t expect a warm welcome; I have yet to see him smile. The bar man, it seems, has a little bit of difficulty delivering Asahi beers to foreigners. He’d prefer you walk off with a Budweiser. However, he takes his music seriously. You are expected to join the crowd in a silent reverie.

This small hole in the wall may be related to the larger establishment with the same name in Yokohama. However, in Nishi-Ogikubo, you could have stiffly priced, weak drinks and watch some good music. Show information is all available and readily updated online. They host a variety of jazz sub genres and tend to have fair prices.

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