Pic: Sabrina Hassanali


A great destination just one stop away from the overrun Kichijoji. The Chuo line rapid stops here on weekdays. For weekends, switch to the Chuo local or Sobu Line for a stop in Nishi-Ogikubo.

The neighborhood is home to a variety of high-end craftsmen. You can get a suit tailored, buy some custom shoes or pick up some embroidery. There are a few home goods stores with an international flair. You can take home Turkish or African mementos. Or you could pick up a selection of spices, lentils and organic cotton clothes from a high-end import house.

The food around here is on point. There are at least four “Indian” restaurants within four blocks of the station. Or instead, you can check out some odd places you won’t find elsewhere. There is a lot going on at this station and I am decidedly biased.

Some of the slightly weird and eclectic bars and restaurants to visit near the station include Kiku Cafe, jazz bar Minton House, two branches of Yakitori Ebisu and a kick-ass bar called Bar Kick Ass.

by Sabrina Hassanali

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