Down a few steps off the main pedestrian road south of the station, this place is odd from the start.

Though this is a bar for movie buffs and weirdos, there is a selection of odd T-shirts and knick-knacks for sale out front. Inside, there is always some quirky movie playing in the background and the decor itself merits a view. The brother and sister pair who run this sweet place have decorated the bar with shoes, pink trim and VHS tapes. While many places in Nishi Ogikubo wind down after midnight, I have seen Bar Kick Ass Open until the wee hours of the morning. The cover charge varies, it appears, based on who is running the shop. It can go from 300 to 800 yen. Either way, you won’t want to leave. The atmosphere is chilled and comfortable. Most of the people hanging out are local and generally pretty friendly. It is a bit smoky, but you can also join in. They sell loosies at the bar.

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