Why is there a yakitori called Ebisu in Nishi-Ogikubo? Why are there two of them within a two minute walk of each other? I don’t know the answer to either. I do know that at either establishment, you can get cheerful service with a great selection of grilled things.

The over-poured sake and lively staff make for a great night out. There is even an English menu, albeit a bit shorter than Japanese version. You will find the standard yakitori items and a few signature items. Also, one of their signature items is the croquette, which is a fish stuffed with a potato mixture. Off the grill, the renkon (lotus root) stuffed with ground meat is fabulous and often sold-out. This is an old haunt and well-known in the neighborhood. Don’t come here wearing something too nice. It is yakitori, so you’ll leave here smelling smoky.

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