As one of Yokohama’s few actual microbreweries, everything here is brewed on the premises. As of June 2019 there are seven taps, serving wheat ale, kölsch, hefe weizen, bohemian pilsner, altbier, Yokohama Lager, and a pale ale.

Sizes are medium (330 ml) and large (500 ml) for ¥800 and ¥1,100, respectively.

A freshly poured glass of Yokohama Pale Ale
A glass of Yokohama Pale Ale | Photo by Gregory Lane

The upstairs restaurant area is huge, with well over 100 seats. The bar area is much smaller, with around 10 seats. A small outdoor smoking area is also provided.

2nd floor restaurant
2nd floor restaurant | Photo by Gregory Lane
Exterior of Yokohama Brewery
The brewery is hard to miss | Photo by Gregory Lane

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