Need a new face in seven days but can’t bear to separate from thousands upon thousands of yen? Well luckily, the Japanese beauty industry has perfected the sheet mask, a cheap and convenient way to both repair and prevent facial blemishes and aging signs. The rest of the world is just catching up to this trend, and therefore charging much more for them. In Japan, a thirty-day stash can cost a mere ¥1,600 (or even less). Here are some of the best seven-day Japanese sheet masks, their price and effectiveness.

sheet mask
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Lululun (ルルルン)

This brand is well known both in Japan and in the U.S. This sheet mask comes in a package of seven for only ¥300 in the normal type. These are the masks meant for regular, daily use, but for a quick pick me up they work great too. The mask composition is thin, but durable. The mask is coated in a fine layer of serum. For people feeling a little dry, a little dull or a little inflamed, one of these babies for seven days straight and 10-15 minutes a day leaves the face feeling fresh and hydrated. And at ¥300, the price is hard to beat.

Pure Smile (ピュアスマイル)

While available in bulk online, this brand is normally found in single packages at the beauty store. From honey to snake venom, there is a wide variety of types to choose from.

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The great thing about this is that most of the masks have the same ingredients and benefits, so you can’t really go wrong while choosing. There is an aloe version for redness, rose for calming and honey for acne. The individual packages appeal to the freedom of choice.

As for the mask itself, it feels very thick and soft to the touch. There is quite a bit of liquid inside of the package, so much that it coats the entire mask and has some left over for the neck and shoulders. The mask stays wet for much longer than it’s intended use. For an extra deep soak, you can keep it on for an extra few minutes.

After using for a week, results include plumper, moisturized skin, though not much change in terms of redness. Usually, you can buy these in packs of five for  ¥358, though for this week long routine you can buy seven for  ¥567.

Nihon Shu no Face Mask (日本酒のフェイスマスク)

Although this brand is not as well known, this sheet mask stands its ground in comparison to the others. They come in a pack of seven for  ¥500. At first it smells strongly of alcohol and flowers, which can be a bit off putting, but after a few minutes the scent fades. There is a slight tingling sensation, followed by a cooling feeling.

The mask is very thin, and in comparison to Lululun, this one is the thinnest. There is no tearing or troubles involved when applying, though, and the mask is well coated in serum. After a week of use, the winning quality of this mask is its benefits against redness and acne.

Babyish (ベイビッシュ)

Finally, a brand known for having cute little babies on the package. Babyish (ベイビッシュ) masks feel similar to Lululun, both in texture and application. The price is the same as well. These masks have similar healing properties, and come in several variations for different skin types. 

It feels refreshing and cooling on the face, and is even better after sticking the package in the fridge for a few minutes. The mask dries up rather quickly, which can be helpful if you forget to take masks off a lot. After a week is up, you can expect to feel newborn, with baby soft cheeks. This mask is best suited for those looking for a smoother skin texture, but it can be used by anyone with any skin type.

japanese sheet masks
Photo by Samantha Cubbison

Well there it is, although results may not last forever, your skin will thank you. For a special treat or some much needed TLC, these masks won’t break the bank. Prevention is key in terms of skincare, as miracle fixes cost much more later down the line. Be sure to think about what your skin needs before purchasing, and get ready to see a new you come Monday morning.

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