From this room on the third floor you can watch the Yamanote Line turn loop-de-loops and browse used, but beautifully preserved editions of D.H. Lawrence and Jane Austen—315yen, Hesse—525, and Chekhov anthologized for 613. Hardy Boys mysteries are stacked by the window for 420yen apiece and copies of the fine-art photography magazine, Aperture, go for a third of the international shipping rate at 210yen.

Suggested Activity
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Dedicated browsing may yield slightly more expensive rare finds and a kind of narcotic glee…


A directory is posted at the head of the three central aisles, referring browsers, variously, to categories such as “Aging”, “Espionage”, “Indian Philosophy”, and “SciFi”. (Mysteriously, “Men” have an entire section to themselves. Also “Kennedy”.) The catalog and price listings are available online as well; users may also fill out virtual order forms for new books, and request used ones. Check out the website for information on various other events and services, e.g. English classes, one-on-one test prep, book club meetings, and guest speakers and readings.



50-cent rummage bin territory this is not. While the fiction is good value, picture books are less of a bargain at 680yen each. For the sake of comparison, however, keep in mind the foreign book selection at Book-Off: severely limited to airport fiction (think Twilight and Ken Follett) with the occasional Murakami thrown in, most of which goes for around 750yen, it’s not necessarily the cheapo’s default go-to.

The owners of Good Day Books also exchange in-store credit for select books brought in by customers, who can trade in the vouchers for—blessedly—more books.

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See the website for a more detailed map.

Name:Good Day Books
Location:Tōkai Bldg. 3F [big-b shoes building], 2-4-2 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
Closest station:Gotanda (JR, Tokyu, Toei)
Business Hours:Monday-Saturday 11:00am-8pm
Sundays & Holidays 11:00am-6pm

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