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With a new year comes a new you. And what better way to start off the year than to be more green, more ethical—and more price-conscious. A good place to start is with recycle shops—which you can find all across Tokyo. These shops are good for 1) recycling your no-longer-needed clothes, bags, shoes, electronics and other household items and 2)for those wanting to save money and shop withing a budget. So without further adieu, here are top 5 picks for Tokyo recycle shops.

1. The Off Stores (branches across Tokyo)

The Hard Off stores will give you a bit of extra cash in exchange for almost all or any of your unwanted items. With these types of places, you do need to realize you aren’t going to gain big bucks, but a few extra yen here and there are more than welcome. Something is better than nothing, right? With the Off branches, certain stores accept different items. Below is a small guide to help you to know where to go to get rid of what. You can also use the list to see what you can find, if you’re looking to purchase rather than recycle.

Mode-Off: Accessories, clothes and shoes.
Off-House: Home/kitchen appliances, baby goods, clothes, purses, shoes, fine china, yukata/kimonos and toys.
Hobby-Off: Stuffed animals, figurines, collectibles, collectible cards, anime paraphernalia and stickers.
Garage-Off: Anything that fits in a garage (large appliances, lawn appliances and some small furniture)
Book-Off: Books, manga, movies, CDs

tokyo recycle shops
Photo by Mario Sixtus used under CC

2. Fool’s Judge (Harajuku)

This is another Harajuku recycle shopping gem. It is specifically for men though, so sorry ladies, you’ll have to read on. Fool’s Judge sells secondhand Japanese street brands for men. The store is separated into two stores which are located on the same street. One sells the Supreme label, while the other sells a range of other brands. From time to time, they buy brand clothing which is used or new.

If you’re looking to get rid of clothes, note that they have to see the clothes before they buy, so it might be a good idea to call them first using this number 03-3796-6664. There are a few members of staff who speak good English, so have no fear calling up Fool’s Judge. You might be in for a few extra yen soon.

 Fool's Judge

Address:4 Chome-3-13 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0001, Japan
Hours:12pm-8pm daily

3. Bingo (Shibuya)

Bingo is a chain store with a couple of locations dotted around the capital. The Shibuya store is the only one where you can sell and purchase clothing at the same time. It is quite a huge store too, so Bingo gives you a massive selection of used items. You can find anything here from books, video games, DVDs and CDs. There are also a range of fashion items, such as watches, skirts, shoes, vests, sweater vests, parkas and long-sleeve shirts. If you’re into boy scout and USPS shirts and suede safari vests—you’re at a winner here!

T-shirts are huge at this store, with four massive racks on the floor. There is a T-shirt in every color imaginable and all at a mere 680 yen each. You’ll see a range of brands here for great prices. You’ll see Abercrombie, Hollister, and Aeropostale, going for between 500 and 1,990 yen and Brooks Brothers button-down shirts starting from 990 yen and going up to around 1,990.

You can find denim jackets for 300 yen with a vintage military-style jacket going for 2,990 yen—though you could find those types of jackets from 500 yen+ if you look hard enough. What’s great about Bingo is that everything is in excellent condition. You’re buying cheap for good quality here, which scores big cheapo brownie points.

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Leather goes for a big price here though. If leather pants are your thing expect to pay about 12,600 yen minimum for this classic item of clothing.


Address:32-13 Udagawacho B1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [opposite the GrandTokyo Building]
Hours:11am-10pm daily
Photo by Benjamin used under CC

4. Ragtag (Harajuku)

Ragtag is one of the biggest recycle shops in the Harajuku area. Ragtag features men’s and women’s items of clothing. They range from high-fashion brands to Japanese street brands. There are some less-expensive clothing lines available that are all on sale too. What they are buying is a harder story though. The website is mainly in Japanese and their website lists what they are looking to purchase. So if you read Japanese or can get the website translated, you’ll get all the correct information you need to go and sell at the Ragtag.

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Address:6 Chome-14-2 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0001, Japan

5. Kinji Used Clothing (Harajuku)

Kinji Used Clothing is a place where Harajuku-style fashion is sold. So if you’re in to that, and want it cheap, then look no further than Kinji Used Clothing. It sells clothes for both men and women and boasts a really impressive and wide selection of clothes, accessories, shoes and there is even some sports clothing. So if you’re a cycler and want some gear, this is the place for you too.

Kinji Used Clothing buys a range of goods, but if you look at their Sell Me page, you’ll find out the specifics. You can translate this into English if needed. You can either sell your clothing for the good old cash option or choose credits and use them in the store to buy other clothes there. It’s up to you! What’s also great abut Kinji Used Clothing is its super convenient location, only being about 50 meters form the Meiji Dori-Omotesando intersection as you head towards Takeshita Dori. It’s also a huge store filled with all of those Harajuku guys and gals.

Pro tip: If you prefer browsing for secondhand fashion online, a place called Zozotown is your friend.

secondhand recycle shops
Photo by PurPura used under CC

This is Tokyo remember? So think small spaces and tight squeezes in an apartment. So with the new year, get rid of some old items you don’t need and make a few extra yen. Recycle shops are a great concept for selling and getting some unique and hard-to-find little numbers that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They are both popular with foreigners and locals as in Japan since, as you may know,  you have to pay for larger unwanted items to be taken away via garbage collection. Recycle shops are also very handy for this—you can rid of bulky items at a much cheaper cost!

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