The Entrance of Y's Mart

If you live near a Y’s Mart, you’re a very lucky cheapo.  I used to live near one and didn’t realise what a treasure of a place it was until I moved somewhere where the closest supermarket was a Maruetsu Petite.

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This is ‘buri’ – Japanese Amberjack and it’s seriously cheap. And no, it’s not from Fukushima. | Photo by Gregory Lane

While the fruit and veggies are sold at pretty standard supermarket prices, Y’s Mart excels in offering good value fish, meat, pre-prepared meals and a few other staples.

Not a taste sensation, but about as cheap as you’ll get for pre-made sushi. | Photo by Gregory Lane

The various bentos including sushi and katsudon at 398yen are great value – especially compared to the same or similar for around 600yen at places like Maruetsu.

11yen a slice – for really, really soft bread. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Y’s Marts are generally small to mid size supermarkets so you won’t get the same range that you’ll get at one of the huge supermarkets like an Aeon or an Ito Yokado.  The big plus is that there are lots of them – roughly 35 branches – so there’s more likely to be one nearby than the previously mentioned places.  Branches are concentrated in the east part of Tokyo and in Chiba. However, there are also stores in Takadanobaba and Akihabara in (more) central Tokyo.


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Name:Y’s Mart
LocationsTokyo – Aikihabara, Hanabatake, Kita-Ayase, Koiwa, Minami-Koiwa, Minowa, Mizue, Naka-Kasai, Nishi-Kasai, Saszaki, Higashisuna, Takadanobaba, Umegaoka
Chiba – Ichikawa, Funabashi, Chiba, Narashino, Makuhari
Business hours:Depends on the store. Larger stores are open 24 hours.
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