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Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku
2 Chome-27-7 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-0073
From ¥15,000 /night

Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku is a reasonably priced apartment style hotel in the Okubo area near Shinjuku.

What’s the hotel like?

The hotel is quite basic, but the rooms are all spacious and with many configurations for families or multiple guests.

What facilities does the hotel have?

There’s a large dining/lounge area for guests on the ground floor and also a laundry facility. The hotel lobby and shared areas are perfectly functional, but if you’re looking for somewhere nice to hang out, you can easily hop on the train and explore the options in Shinjuku and beyond.

Bed and sofa in room at Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku Hotel
Photo by Chris Kirkland

What are the rooms like?

The rooms are much more like apartments than hotel rooms. There’s a bit more space, but with more of an apartment aesthetic, so the furnishings and style are quite simple.

There’s a USB and power outlet on the headboard of the bed, and a reasonable desk space. There’s a large TV, an even a DVD player, should you happen to have some DVD’s in your suitcase!

How big are the rooms?

The rooms start at 25m2, so they are large for Tokyo Hotel standards. Family rooms and their 2 bedroom apartments go up to over 60m2.

Are the rooms comfortable?

Even the smallest rooms have a sofa, desk and chair, so there’s plenty of space to sprawl out and relax. As the Hotel has a number of high floors, most rooms have a nice Tokyo city-scape view, so you can easily pass some time just watching life going on below.

City scape view North from 18th floor of Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo
Good views – enjoy gazing out over the urban jungle below. | Photo by Chris Kirkland

What’s the view like?

As the hotel has both high floors and is a way from central Shinjuku, there’s a pretty good uninterrupted view from most rooms. It’s not quite the Lost in Translation view Scarlett Johansson had from the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but it’s great for a hotel at this price point.

What’s the location like?

Okubo is Tokyo’s Korea Town, so if you want some K-pop vibes and bibimbap on your trip to Tokyo, then this is the hotel for you. Although named Hundred Stay Shinjuku, the main Shinjuku station is quite a long walk away – it’s best to jump on the near by JR line at Okubo and ride one short stop.

How do I get there from the airports?

Being near Shinjuku, there’s plenty of choice for aiport access. There’s a short extra step getting from Shinjuku to Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku – either one stop on the JR Sobu line, or a short taxi ride. See our article on Getting from Narita to Shinjuku and Haneda Airport to Tokyo for full details.

How is the access to trains and subway?

The nearby JR Okubu station gets you to well-connected Shinjuku station in 2 minutes. There’s also the JR Shin-Okubo Yamanote line about 7 mins walk away, so you almost have the same ease of acesss as many of the Hotels in Shinjuku. Whether you’re planning a day trip to see Mount Fuji, or just exploring the city, this hotel is a pretty good point to start from.

What’s the surrounding neighbourhood like?

The Okubo area has unmistakable Korea town vibes – youngsters filling up the streets, Korean food, tapioca, or whatever is the latest teenage Korean trend. It’s also a love hotel district, and with its proximity to Shinjuku, there’s a reasonable amount of activity at night. It’s not a full-blown nightlife district though, so noise isn’t a major concern.

The hotel rooms are far away from street level, so as during our review stay, you’ll probably find your room nice and quiet.

Cupboard with microwave and kettle
If you’re feeling like eating in, even the smallest rooms have some rudimentary kitchen facilities. | Photo by Chris Kirkland

Are there many good places to eat nearby?

If you’re not much of a fan of Korean food, there’s still plenty of other Japanese cuisine options in the area and generally on the cheaper end of the spectrum. There’s also a supermarket at the base of the hotel, which is handy for breakfast and quick meals (there should be at least a microwave in every room).

What points of interest are within walking distance of the hotel?

Apart from the K-pop and Korea town highlights, Shinjuku has a great deal of activities to keep you entertained. See our guides on things to do in Kabukichō and Shinjuku.

Who should stay here?

Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku is a good option if you really need a more spacious room, or are travelling as a family.

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