It’s been a busy year for us cheapos—for both writers and readers alike. On our end, we’ve expanded our editorial team to report on wide-ranging cheapo matters, and you folks have helped double(!) our page views from 2014. That’s awesome. To help you reminisce about all the yen you saved this past year, we’ve compiled the top 10 cheapo posts of 2015:

10. Ten Free Things to Do in Shinjuku

Number 10 starts the list off with a curated day guide of the best things to do and see in Shinjuku, a bustling area in Tokyo beloved by tourists, expats and locals.

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shinjuku view metropolitan government building
Photo by Adriana Paradiso

9. Cheapest Places to Exchange Currency in Tokyo

As cheapos we hold our money near and dear to our hearts, so we definitely don’t want to be throwing it away to banks and the like by way of ridiculous exchange and transactions fees.

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Is Japan Expensive?
Photo by Katy Ereira used under CC

8. 101 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Tokyo

The epitome of our efforts to dispel the myth that Tokyo is an expensive city.

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7. Top Tokyo Flea Markets

Tokyo flea markets are things of delight and wonder. They’re amazing places to pick up unique antiques and souvenirs, interact with locals and try tasty Japanese street food.

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Boroichi Market
Photo by Adriana Paradiso

6. Best Cheapo Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Of course.

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Photo by IQRemix used under CC

5. Tokyo to Kyoto: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways

Tokyo’s the ish—that’s been established.  But sometimes you want to visit its capital counterpart, Kyoto, for a throwback to Japan’s more ancient times. You also want to get there in a timely and uncostly manner.

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Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) To Tokyo Meet and Greet Private Taxi with Lowest Price Guarantee
Save time and hassle by prebooking this private transfer from Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) to your accommodation in Tokyo.

4. Five Tips for Saving Money at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Set your youthful side free and spend a day at Disney in Tokyo. The ticket prices are what they are (expensive), but there are ways to cheapen the day.

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tokyo disneyland
Photo by gwaar used under CC

3. Cheap Sex – Beating the Cost of Loving in Tokyo

Dancin’ and romancin’ is not only an excellent 1950s song by The Catalinas, it’s also an opportunity to save money. Here are some cheapo tips on dating, romance and love hotels in Tokyo.

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2. Cheapest Transport To and From Narita Airport

With over 34 million arrivals to and departures from Narita Airport in the past year, it’s no wonder we find this article ranked at number 2. Plus, flights are expensive enough, you surely don’t want to be paying generously for additional transportation.

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1. Ten Things to Know Before Visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market

This post made the most impressive jump from last year’s number 8 spot to reigning supreme in 2015. This comes as no surprise though seeing as visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market appears on almost any visitor’s Tokyo to-do list.

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Honorable mentions

Where to Buy Weird Kit Kat Flavors in Tokyo

Just a few clicks shy of making our top 10 list is this post on finding the weird and wacky Kit Kat flavors attributed to Japan. If you’re on the hunt, look out for soy sauce, wasabi, strawberry cheesecake, chili and more!

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A Cheapo’s Guide to Tokyo ebook

We’re really excited to give honorable mention to our proudest accomplishment of 2015: the release of our Cheapo’s Guide to Tokyo ebook. It’s the most comprehensive compilation of all our top cheapo tips and tricks for having an absolute ball in Tokyo—all in one place.

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