It’s a good weekend for artists and art lovers. We recommend flocking to Roppongi with the other 830,000+ like-minded admirers for the 6th annual Roppongi Art Night. And when we say ‘art night’, we mean ‘ALL night’. It’s modeled after the trendy Nuit Blanche art events in New York, Toronto and other top cities around the world.

Roppongi Art Night
Photo by Tokyo Times used under CC

There are some free highlights of Roppongi Art Night to consider: one being the Pray Wild event. If the name sounds a bit hippy, that’s because it is. You’ll get to discover your spirit animal, build a costume of said spirit animal and be set free into the Roppongi jungle.The next is the Star! Star! Star! Circle! event which is surprisingly not as hippy as Pray Wild, but more séance-y and spiritual story-telling. Both events seem promising as a unique and possibly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

(Note they both take place on Saturday, April 25th and that reservations may be required to participate. Follow the links we’ve included above to do so.)

Suggested Activity
Ride a Rickshaw in Asakusa
Journey through the traditional streets of Asakusa on a two-seater rickshaw pulled by a smiley guide with thighs of steel. You'll see the top sights of the area -- Kaminarimon Gate, Sensōji Temple, and Tokyo Skytree -- in style, and use the dramatic backdrops for a quick photoshoot or two. ...

If Roppongi’s not your scene, turn to Ueno for FREE admission day at the National Museum of Western Art. While you’re there, optimize the spring weather with a stroll through the park for some flower-viewing as well.

And if we speak of spring, we must also speak of rain—but there’s no need to be gloomy about it! In fact, the rainy season is celebrated with the Songkran festival (part of Thailand’s New Year festivities). Head to Yoyogi Park this Sat and Sun and celebrate with food, drinks, music, and some possible water fights.

Happy Weekend!

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