Cheapo Weekend for Apr 18-19: Archery, Earth Day, Oedo Market

Adriana Paradiso
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Photo by Grigoris Miliaresis

This weekend, see the samurai spirit come to life during the week-long Kamakura Festival that culminates in an awe-inspiring display of horseback archery (or yabusame) on Sunday, April 19 starting at 1:00 pm. But if you’re not interested in straying too far away from Tokyo, there is an alternative horseback archery event right in Asakusa on Saturday, April 18 instead. The performance starts at 11:00 am—but we can’t advise enough to get there earlier to snag a good viewing spot!

Earth Day events this weekend might also be of interest. Join the other 100,000 Earth Day-goers at Yoyogi Park’s Event Square for entertainment, food and the opportunity to visit 80-some NGO and NPO stalls. You’ll get some sunshine, a sense of community (hard to come by in such a big city) and a good ol’ festival vibe out of the whole thing.

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Our last weekend to-do is the Oedo Antique Market in Yurakucho—a TC favourite since it’s the rare occasion where cheap, old stuff equates to desirable collectable items.

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