Cheapo Weekend for December 22/23: 3D Projections on Tokyo Station and an Artful Racket

Greg Lane

Photo from the Tokyo Michi Terrace 2012 web site.

If you missed the incredible Tokyo Station Vision projection mapping back in September, you have a chance to see a Christmassy version entitled Tokyo Michi Terrace 2012 (link in Japanese) starting this Friday.  It’s not clear if the projection will be quite as ambitious as the one in September, but you can find out for yourself.  The show will run from December 21st to the 28th and will start each evening at 6pm with the last cycle beginning at around 7:40pm.  The projection will be taking place on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station.

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If you’re interested in checking out another winter market and you don’t mind a day trip from Tokyo, there is a rather unique market happening in Kusakabe, Saitama Prefecture.  The Hagoita Market (link in Japanese) features a form of art traditionally sold at this time of year and for which Kusakabe is famous.  The origin of the Hagoita is as a paddle-like racket for playing a badminton-like game called Hanetsuki.  They are however more likely to be ornamental.  The tradition seems to have started about 700 years ago during the Muromachi period but they became a popular form of art in the Edo period when they were often decorated with depictions of famous kabuki actors.  The market/festival takes place outside the east exit of Kusakabe Station which is roughly a 1 hour journey from central Tokyo on the Tobu “Skytree” Line.

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  1. Jump Festa on Dec 22-23 is a free to attend anime+game convention in Chiba.

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