From here on out, there are winter markets happening pretty much wherever there is space.

Apparently, the Project Eat More Mushrooms people would like you to eat more mushrooms, especially on the first Saturday of each month, which they have designated “Eat More Mushrooms Day”.  To push the point, there will be an Eat More Mushrooms Market at the Kotsukaikan (the building with the rotating restuarant on top that doesn’t rotate) next to Yurakucho Station.  Along with a market with mushrooms sourced from throughout Japan, there will be impossibly cute mushroom mascots battling it out.

Not wanting to miss out on the Christmas consumption tie-in, the Earth Garden people are back with their market + entertainment combo at the Yoyogi Park Events Square this weekend with Earth Garden Christmas.  If you’ve been to a previous Earth Garden event, it’s more of the same except Christmassy.

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For some post-weekend market action, the Sekino Boroichi winter flea market happens on the evenings of Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th next to Musashiseki Station in Nerima Ward.  The origin of this boroichi (literally rag market) is in the early Edo period when Nerima was a rural district on the outskirts of Edo.

Ongoing events include all the Christmas/Winter illuminations and the Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks.  This weekend is also your last chance to see the autumn leaves illumination at Rikugien Gardens which finishes on Sunday evening.

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