Cheapo Weekend for October 5/6: A Kawaii!! Fes, the Hokkaido Fair and an ASEAN Party

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Harajuku is ground zero for Japan’s kawaii fashion trends and so a natural venue to host “Harajuku Kawaii Fes” – a celebration of all things cute.  Entry to this two day festival is free – but you have to pre-register (in Japanese) on their website.  As well as lots of kawaii fashion, there will be musical performances – including one from the current undisputed queen of kawaii –  20 year old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  More details here.

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After Namaste India last week, there are no more ethnic festivals scheduled at Yoyogi Park until 2014. However, if your goal is enjoying good food and drink in the open air, then there is still plenty to experience before the cold weather descends. This weekend, Hokkaido takes over the event square with the “the Hokkai Shokudo” serving up a huge variety of northern delicacies and beverages with which to wash them down. As a celebration of their 25th anniversary, they’re offering a limited special 250yen menu. The festival begins on Friday and runs until Sunday. More details here.

Usually mention of the word ASEAN conjures up images of stuffed suits sitting in conference halls or an uncomfortable group photo in which the leader of each nations is forced to wear the traditional dress of the host country.  Put those boring images aside and think about the food instead.  The ASEAN Festival will run on both Saturday and Sunday in Yamashita Park in Yokohama. The closest station is Motomachi Chukagai on the Yokohama Subway. Entry is free.

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