Photo by vera46 used under a Creative Commons license.
Photo by vera46 used under a Creative Commons license. | Photo by Grace Buchele Mineta

Grab your flashest rags and head to Omotesando on Saturday Night for Vogue Magazine’s annual Fashion’s Night Out. Although the whole concept is about encouraging people to max out their credit cards buying stuff they can’t afford, no one says you have to buy a thing. Instead, you can just hang out with the beautiful people and pick up lots of free but otherwise useless knick knacks. The host of the evening is everyone’s favourite bilingual presenter – Chris Peppler. Special guests include towering Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga and R&B singer May J. The opening ceremony is at 5pm and the closing ceremony at 11pm with “shopping time” in between.

On Sunday, the Sanma Festival returns to Meguro. Sanma is known as “Pacific Saury” in English – which, if you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of. However, sanma roasted over hot coals is delicious – and for 4 hours from 10am in Meguro, it’s free. The 7,000 sanma to be given away are from the tsunami hit town of Miyako in Iwate Prefecture.

Other festivals to investigate this weekend are the “The Yosakoi” Oedo Soran Festival in Kiba Park in Koto Ward and the Tokyo Asia Culture Festival at the event square in Yoyogi Park. The Yoyogi Park event is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – so you’ve been warned.

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