Our top event picks for the weekend:

This & That Cafe’s New Year Jam (Jan 15): #TnTcafe will be putting on one of those nights that has a little bit of everything. Live music, check: you’ll hear jams ranging from Reggae-Soul-Flamenco to vide0-game-inspired beats. Live art, check:  see creations made before your very eyes by painter Louise Ono. You’ll be tapped into so many senses, you’re going to need a drink…which is included in the 1,000 yen entrance free (cheapo score!).

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Boroichi Market
Boroichi Market | Photo by Adriana Mazza

Boroichi Market (Jan 15-16): This is one of our favorite markets in Tokyo, maybe it’s because it only comes around twice a year and our anticipation builds or maybe it’s because the market’s got a fun atmosphere, with cheapo deals awaiting you at every stall, games, food and drink, and 4-century-long history.

Furusato Festival Tokyo (ongoing until Jan 17): Experience the whole of Japan in one spot: Tokyo Dome City. Get a taste of regional food, drink and festivals that hail from all corners of the country. Check out this video by GuillaumeErard to get an idea of what it’s all about:

Tokyo Auto Salon (Jan 16-17): Makuhari Messe conference center will be filled to the brim hosting the Tokyo Auto Salon, one of the world’s biggest motor shows featuring customized cars and bikes. A great way to spend the afternoon if you love cars or even if you want to look at a bunch of cool stuff you’ll probably never be able to afford (#CheapoAndProudOfIt).

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Adriana's Tokyo favorites are: Mizumoto Park, Gokokuji Temple Tokyo
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