Cheapo Weekend for June 6-7: Eco Life Fair, Ajisai Festival, Museum of Art Free Admission

Adriana Paradiso

Here’s our rundown of free or cheapo events for this weekend:

Sat 6th-Sun 7th – This weekend’s unfailing event at Yoyogi Park Events Square is the Eco Life Fair as part of World Environment Month festivities. Attendees are in for some organic fare, environmental workshops and idol band entertainment.

ajisai Hyndrangea
Photo by Tetsuya Odaka used under CC

Sat 6th-Sun 14th – Running for a week starting this Saturday is the Bunkyo Ajisai Festival (which means a hydrangea flower fest for those lacking in Japanese skills). The one at Hakusan Shrine is our pick since entrance is free and there are 10,000 plants for your eyes and nose to feast on.

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Sun 7th – The Museum of Modern Art is having its monthly free admission day. It’s a dream come true for cheapos who want to pay for art viewing and cultural inspiration through pure adoration and not a penny more.

Mon 8th – Come hang at our Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks event at the Ikebukuro Seibu Roof Garden and meet the TC team and other like-minded misers. Food and drink are pay as you go, but entrance and good times are free.

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Happy Weekend!

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