Cheapo Weekend for Mar 28-29: Food, Flowers, Fun

Adriana Paradiso
food festival
Photo by Ari Helminen used under CC

Foodies rejoice! The Hibiya Hometown Food Festival is bringing you delicious local Japanese grub (from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa) starting today and running until Sun, March 29th.

There’s usually not much in the way of literature events, so we’re happy to say lovers of the written word can hear Vietnamese American writer Monique Truong read from her novel The Book of Salt on Fri, March 27th.

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The Ekoda Night Bazaar is back this Sat, March 28th. Taking place in Nerima, expect a vegetable market, local wares, festival food, and entertainment for the little ones—an ideal place for family fun on the weekend.

If you want less of a family feel for your Saturday night, check out the YEAH, OKAY DJ event in Shibuya. Entry is free, which is basically the same as winning the lottery since cover change for a night club can go upwards of 2,000 yen. Steal!

If you want to do a bit of networking and hanami-ing at the same time, head to Ueno Park for the Tokyo Startups United Hanami on Tue, March 31st. You’ll get to party and kick it with the best in the startup biz—we’ll be there!

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