This week’s events are pretty spread out around Tokyo, so no matter where you are, you’re never too far from a cheapo affair. That or you could roister around town trying to get your cheapo fill.

Sanja Matsuri
Sanja Matsuri | Photo by Grigoris Miliaresis

First stop: Asakusa. There, the second of Tokyo’s three biggest Shinto fests—Sanja Matsuri—will turn up this weekend, with the main parade starting at noon (12:00 pm) on Saturday at Asakusa Shrine. Though, the whole festival goes from Fri 15th – Sun 17th.

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Next, the Thai Festival will visit Yoyogi Park on both Sat-Sun as the much awaited cultural event of the season. Food? Crafts? Beverages? Entertainment? You got it! All that and some fresh air.

Design Festa, one of the biggest events in the world devoted to celebrating international arts and culture, will take place at Tokyo Big Sight on Sat-Sun.  The festa will feature over 12,000 exhibitors and performances at a price of 800 yen.

The Yurakucho area is the place to be for any antiquing you wish to do this Sunday. The Oedo Antique Market will be open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Last stop, on Mon, May 18th, go on your merry way to Ueno— some Tokyo museums in the area will be saluting International Museum Day with free admission, like the Tokyo National Museum, the Museum of Nature and Science and the National Museum of Western Art. Since this is a highly enticing cheapo offer, it’ll probably be ____ing packed, so you can also have a peek through our museum guide for other days throughout the year that also have free admission days.

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