Cheapo Weekend for September 6-7: Moon Viewing, Fashion Night and Free Fish

Carey Finn

Welcome to the weekend – and the first one of autumn! Whether you’re a fashionista or more into mattcha and moon viewing, there’s enough cool stuff happening in Tokyo that all Cheapos are sure to be stoked.

Trendy types will want to head down to Harajuku on Saturday for Fashion’s Night Out, the swanky event put on by Vogue Magazine every year. It’s a chance to catch a glimpse of local celebs and get your hands on some limited edition items. All the cool brands will be there (i.e. all the brands we don’t know and are far too cheap to wear). Entry is free, but the gates will be closed if it gets too crowded, which it invariably does – so get there early.

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The Indonesia Japan Friendship Festival at, yes, you guessed it – Yoyogi Park, is a good chance to grab some pre-game grub, but due to the Dengue Fever outbreak, you’ll want to take care not to get bitten by any mosquitoes around there.

If you spend too much on Saturday (you best reconsider your Cheapo status), don’t worry – you can score a free meal in the form of a freshly grilled sanma (Pacific saucy) fish at the Meguro Sanma Matsuri on Sunday. 6 000 fish will be given away – all you need to do is turn up early.

Fans of yosakoi, the energetic style of Japanese dance done with contemporary music, should check out “The Yosakoi” Oedo Soran Festival that will be held at Kiba Park on Sunday. 45 teams will be competing, making it one of the season’s bigger yosakoi dance events.

A spot of moon viewing (tsukimi) at at Mukoujima-Hyakkaen Garden is a nice way to wind down the weekend. Enjoy the super moon with a boozy picnic (pretty much every occasion is a boozy picnic occasion in this country), koto music, lantern painting and tea ceremony – though be warned, the tea ceremony is not cheap!

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2 Responses to “Cheapo Weekend for September 6-7: Moon Viewing, Fashion Night and Free Fish”

  1. Avatar

    Free Shows at Tokyo Jazz Festival in Yurakucho all weekend too!

  2. Cheapo Editor
    Cheapo Editor September 12, 2014

    Belated thanks for that cheapo tip!

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