With rainy season now in full swing it looks like we’ll have another wet weekend.  So grab your 100yen umbrella and check out some of the events that will be on.

The gradual rise in temperature and ample moisture means Tokyo’s summer insects are starting to come out in big numbers – including the fireflies (called hotaru in Japanese).  And this being Japan, of course there are festivals based around this. A rather well known one is the Fussa Hotaru Matsuri which will be happening for the 47th time this Saturday, June 16th from 1 to 9pm at Fussa Hotaru Koen which is close to both Kumagawa and Ushihama stations.  This is in far west Tokyo though so expect to be on the train for an hour or more if travelling from central Tokyo.  Firefly prime time seems to be around 8pm and entrance is free.  Official event site link (Japanese)

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Back in the city, the Sanno Festival continues at Hie Shrine with a major ceremony happening tomorrow (Friday, June 15th) from 11am.  Saturday (June 16th) also sees events at the shrine with the last ceremony taking place at 10am on Sunday (June 17th). The closest stations to Hie Jinja are Akasaka on the Chiyoda Line and Tameike Sanno/Kokkaigijido-mae on the the Ginza, Namboku and Marunouchi subway lines.

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If the weather doesn’t end up as bad as the forecast is saying, check out some free entertainment from the buskers in Yoyogi Park (I’m not just saying free to be cheap -most of them don’t expect payment!).  If you’re having too much fun to go home this weekend, check out Aaron Baggett’s post on enjoying yourself in Shinjuku in the early hours.

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