How to See Aurora Lights without Leaving Tokyo

Carey Finn
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Roppongi has its fair share of bright lights and other-worldly experiences, but this is certainly something new.

Finnair is sponsoring a stimulated aurora experience event at Tokyo Midtown on November 7th and November 8th.

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Finnair Aurora will be doing their business thing showcasing various Scandinavian tourist destinations for discerning Roppongi visitors, but even if you’re not interested in overseas travel, it’s worth going to check out the “aurora booth” attraction. It will provide a virtual aurora experience for those who can’t make it to the other side of the planet to see the real thing.


There will also be a booth where you can superimpose yourself over the aurora to create a special commemorative image of your “trip”. No one need know that you never left Japan.

For the cheesy linguists out there, there will be customized badges which can be printed using a “Finn Generator” that converts your name into Finnish.

And after all that traveling around the Arctic Circle, no doubt you will be parched. Not to worry, aurora-themed drinks and Glühwein will be on hand, as well as other Scandinavian snacks.

Japanese people really love the aurora lights, and sightseeing trips to the various parts of the world where you can see the phenomenon are very popular. For those without the vacation budget, there are always aurora home planetarium devices though.

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Finnair Aurora is open 13:00-17:00 on November 7th and 11:00-21:00 on November 8th at Tokyo Midtown’s Canopy Square.

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