If you happen to find yourself in Yokohama with a few minutes to spare and are a car enthusiast, like me, the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery is a great place to stop by.

Yokohama_Nissan_Gallery cars
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The gallery, located only 7 minutes by foot from Yokohama Station, exhibits a few dozen Nissans ranging from oldtimers to the latest production models, as well as concept cars—divided over four themed zones.

About Nissan Gallery

The gallery walks you through Nissan Heritage, which showcases its legacy since 1933. The origins of the company of course precede that, but at the time it was known as Datsun located in Tokyo. It was not untill the founding of Nihon Sangyo, or Japan Industries, the name was abbreviated to Nissan.

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Photo by Bjorn

Time to talk about the cars! The two other zones feature Nissan’s domestic and global line-up, respectively. Since the gallery also functions as a showroom, you can take a seat in most of the cars on display. Nissan also tends to change its displays every now and then, meaning you might catch different cars on different visits.

Photo by Bjorn

During my own visit, 4x4s were on display. Other times, the exhibit included some of Nissan’s famous racing cars as well as its robotic technology.

The gallery reminded me of the Tokyo Motor Show, but without the crowds. The Nissan Gallery is therefore a great alternative for those who unfortunately may miss the event but still want to check out their dream Nissan.

The final zone might be slightly less interesting, but it does offer some insights in modern-day Nissan. The Corporate Communications Zone tells you everything about how Nissan envisions the future, its place in the community and how it engages with its customers. Sustainability, innovation and technology are the major keyword within all its activities, backing up its motto “Innovation That Excites”.

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Nissan cafe and boutique

The gallery is family-friendly too; Nissan provides its future drivers with plenty of entertainment! Around the corner, you will also find a small cafe with an outside terrace overlooking the area where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Yokohama Nissan Gallery
Photo by Bjorn

Before you leave, don’t forget to pop into the Nissan Boutique to get yourself a small souvenir. The shop has plenty of merchandise, ranging from jackets to scale models, and smaller items like towels and pens.

Access and opening hours

The Nissan Gallery is located only 7 minutes from Yokohama Station and can be reached by walking through the covered central passage. The doors are open from 10 am to 8 pm.

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