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Beer image via Shutterstock.
Beer image via Shutterstock. | Photo by Shutterstock used under CC

Going out for a beer after a long day here in Tokyo can be more expensive than getting a meal. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the city’s most affordable watering holes. No need to thank us – you can just get the next round.

Tiny beer image via Shutterstock.
The amount of beer the average Cheapo can usually afford in Tokyo. Tiny beer image via Shutterstock. | Photo by Shutterstock used under CC

1. Pub Hub

These pubs are sprinkled throughout the city. Unlike their counterparts back in the UK , they boast an extensive cocktail list, which makes Hub the place to go for cheap drinking. Prices start at 190 yen for the basics, and rarely go above 500 yen before the clock strikes 7. Happy hour starting time varies by location, as does the clientele. Most have a smoking and a non-smoking section, which is nice if you want to minimize your laundry load. You can also eat on the cheap. See their happy hour menu and times here.

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Image by S_e_i, used under a Creative Commons licence.
One of the many Pub Hubs. Image by S_e_i, used under a Creative Commons licence. | Photo by S_e_i used under CC

2. Dragon Men

Dragon men is a mixed gay bar in Shinjuku’s 2 Chome district, and it boasts the best deal in town if your mission is getting drunk on a budget. For 1 000 yen you can drink as much as you want between 6 and 8pm. Not all cocktails are included in the all-you-can-drink selection, but the usual suspects are, and you can mix and match. This place has a friendly atmosphere and is a great spot to hang out with friends. It’s pretty spacious too, so if you want to dance to the songs that are probably popular back home at the moment, go right ahead. Also, on weekends the bar is full of muscly waiters walking around in their underwear. You’re welcome.

3. Beer Saurus

This gem in Ikebukuro combines what are probably three of the best things in the world: sexy posters, booze and dinosaurs. Don’t be frightened away by the 300 yen table charge. It is a necessary price to pay for half-price drinks every day from 6 to 8pm. The staff are super friendly, and they have some decent food too. A definite must for beer (and dinosaur) lovers out there.

They have good whisky at BeerSaurus too. Image byAapo Haapenen, used under a Creative Commons licence.
They have good whisky at Beer Saurus too. Image by Aapo Haapenen, used under a Creative Commons licence. | Photo by Aapo Haapanen used under CC

4. Ku Kon

If your answer to the world’s problems is, “Here, have some wine!” then this is the place for you.  Arrive between 5 and 7:30pm for some half-price champagne. This would be a sweet place to take your wine-loving date on the cheap without being obvious about it, as everyone loves a classy hotel bar. After the happy hour finishes, you can venture up to the nearby Tokyo Metropolitan Government building observatory, which is completely free, for some great views of the city.


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8 Responses to “Top 5 Cheapo Happy Hours”

  1. Avatar
    Dan Crowther April 2, 2014

    Would be crazy not to mention Yamato in Nishi Shinjuku- 290 yen beers.

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg April 2, 2014

      Except that’s not strictly a happy hour 🙂 We’ve mentioned Yamato elsewhere, although I think you’ll find it’s cheaper than that. I’m not sure of the post tax rise price, but the 290yen used to only apply on Fridays. Also of note is that they have a table charge and they can be pushy about ordering food so for 1 or 2 beers the value is marginal. For more than that, it’s very good.

  2. Avatar
    ポール July 31, 2014

    I would also mention the Advocates Café in Shinjuki ni-chome. Everyday, except Monday, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. BEER BLAST… 1,000 Yen! All you can drink beer… NICE…

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg August 3, 2014

      That’s a remarkably good deal – and a long happy hour!

  3. Avatar
    coolakungen February 6, 2015

    I just went n looked up how much 1 SEK (I live in Sweden) is in Yen…….. WTF! One cheap beer in Sweden equals 750 Yen. I know the taxes are high in Sweden but since you hear it’s expensive in Japan, I thought the prices would be much greater. Even an expensive beer in Japan would look cheap compared to Sweden.
    Makes me wonder why I’m living here, and if it’s called living.. i dunno any more T_T

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg February 10, 2015

      Well, the yen is particularly low at the moment due to the wonders of Abenomics. Probably won’t last.

      • Avatar
        coolakungen February 13, 2015

        I see. That’s a bit heart breaking :/ Thx for the answer though ^^

  4. Avatar
    Gaijinsan May 13, 2015

    BTW, the Havana Cafe you mention is on the Midtown side of Roppongi. No touts hanging around in that neighborhood, you can visit without fear. There are even 2 metro exits right in or in front of Midtown that are a 2 minute walk from the bar. It’s certainly worth a visit for the 500 yen frozen margaritas during the summer.

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