Abhi is a dedicated lover of fine alcoholic beverages. We met (not surprisingly) at an event I organised at a beer garden a couple of summers ago. I can think of few people better qualified to offer advice on getting value for money while imbibing in Tokyo (judging from responses to cheap alcohol photos on our facebook page, this seems to be a popular topic amongst our readers)

Photo by Abhishek Kumar

What brought you to Japan/Tokyo?
Work. Learned Japanese in India, worked for a Japanese auto company in India then moved to the IT Industry. Was sent to Japan as an onsite coordinator for a Japanese project in 2005 and have been here since.

Briefly describe a typical day in your life?
With PC, Internet and Mobile no day is a typical day .Work from any location except when I have client meetings. Sometimes find myself partying till 5 in the morning and sometimes working till that time. No defined schedule except 8PM to 11PM is mostly drinking hours.

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What do you like most and least about Tokyo?
Most: The convenience factor, night life and wide variety of authentic international cuisine
Least:Generalization of everything by people. Despite being so technologically advanced the usage of lots of paper and hanko culture.

What’s your biggest expense?
Rent, eating out, Taxis

What do you blow out money on (i.e. what’s the fruit of all your cheapo savings)?
Drinking/ Clubbing

What are your top three Tokyo cheapo tips?
1. If you are into drinking, Genka Bar is the place you should know about. Entry fee of JPY 1,500 but from then on the drinks are unbelievably cheap, with a drink of Johnny Walker Blue Label at JPY 580
2. If you are a couple and prefer to stay indoors, love hotels are way more spacious and cheaper than normal hotels. (Note: Some love hotels don’t allow re-entry so better check in advance)
3. Before buying brand new furnishings etc definitely check out sites like sayonara sale and other such sites where you can get very good deals for relatively new stuff as well

What’s the best bargain you ever found in Tokyo?
It has to be Genka Bar. As of now haven’t come across a place where you can get premium liquor so cheap.

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