Omohara Beer Forest – A Refreshing Summer Terrace with Craft Beer

Greg Lane
Open June 24th to September 4th, 2016


The rooftop garden on top of the Tokyo Plaza building on the corner of Meiji Dori and Omotesando is converted into a beer terrace each year during the warmer months. This year, it’s open from June 24th until September 4th.

The thing that sets Omohara Beer Forest apart from regular beer gardens is that there are no silly all-you-can-drink plans designed to herd you in and then herd you out again. This year, the kiosk in the middle of the garden will be run again by Yonayona Beer Kitchen, which is connected to Nagano-based Yoho Brewing, serving up Yonayona (an American Pale Ale), Ao Oni (blue devil) IPA and Suiyobinoneko (Wednesday’s cat!) white beer.

Sadly, they increased the beer price from 500 yen to 700 yen. But an extra 200 yen is a small price to pay for the ambiance. The terrace is strewn with tables, chairs and loungers and, in addition to the shade provided by the trees, there is a cool mist piped over the terrace making it one of the most refreshing places to be in Tokyo each summer. Also, there’s no need for a reservation, so you can pop in for a quick drink or you can spend the whole evening there. Surprisingly, it rarely gets crowded.

Name: Omohara Beer Forest
Pricing info: Yaho Brewing Craft Beer - 500yen each (usually - actual price not confirmed yet)
Address: 4-30-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Location(s): Harajuku, Omotesando,
Access: Harajuku / Meijijingumae
Business hours: Weekdays 17:00-21:00 | Weekends & Public Holidays 12:00-21:00
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3 Responses to “Omohara Beer Forest – A Refreshing Summer Terrace with Craft Beer”

  1. Stopped by after seeing this post. Great beer with a great atmosphere. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I went last Friday. The space is cool – good lighting, chill jazz music, tasty beer. However, around 8:30 or so they cut off the music and started playing an episode of Gossip Girl on a huge TV screen. Turns out AXN is the sponsor, and their contribution to the party (in addition to subsidized beer) is a complimentary episode of Gossip Girl. Totally killed the vibe for us so we bounced. If you don’t mind having to sit through Gossip Girl, it’s a good deal.

    • CheapoGreg

      Apparently they’re showing shows that are nominated for the Emmy Awards. I do remember a wtf moment when they started playing a loud TV program on the big screen but by tat time I’d had already had too many beers to care!

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