The 3rd Burger: The Option Between McDonalds and Expensive Gourmet Burgers

Greg Lane


While on my way to grab a cheap meal at Muji Cafe on Koto Dori, my curiosity was piqued by this interesting new food outlet.  ‘The 3rd Burger” does burgers as only a Japanese burger shop could—in a refined, stylish way.  No smell of frying fat or gaudy clowns here—just burgers and smoothies in a cool, minimalist environment.


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The burgers range from 390 yen for the Gobo Salad Burger up to 640 yen for the ‘Double Burger’.  Other burgers include a ‘Hamburger Midori’ for 460 yen, Fresh Tomato Burger for 480 yen, Avocado Wasabi Burger for  520 yen, Edamame Beans Burger for 490 yen and Bacon Cheese Burger for 580 yen. Smoothies are all 500 yen, while there are ‘set’ packages such as +600 yen for a smoothie and french fries.

Unfortunately for you meat lovers, I’m the wrong person to review the actual burgers as I don’t actually eat meat.  While there are no seafood burgers on the menu (my usual fallback), they do have a couple of non-meat options on the menu including the Gobo Salad Burger as shown above.  While not quite the same volume of the American fast food chains, the size was good enough for me and the lettuce, tomato and gobo was beautifully crisp and fresh. If I had to fault it, I’d say they should have gone a little easier when dousing my burger in thousand island dressing, but it tasted pretty good.

Aside from the food, the interior of this place with bare concrete walls and floors, simple furniture and a verdant garden covering an entire wall is a relaxing oasis. The terrace too, looks like a great spot to enjoy a cool evening breeze on a hot summers day in Tokyo.

Name: The 3rd Burger
Pricing info: Burgers from 390 yen to 640 yen, smoothies all 500 yen
Address: 5-11-2, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Location(s): Roppongi,
Access: Omotesando
Phone: 03-6419-7579 03-6419-7579
Business hours: 9am to 10:30pm (Last Order 10pm)

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