Tsurumaru Udon – Refreshing Udon & Soba in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Greg Lane


Tsurumaru Udon is a chain of udon noodle shops located throughout Tokyo.  Despite having udon in the name, they are surprisingly soba friendly, with a soba variant of all dishes available.

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The menu (with tiny English text!) offers up 12 different dishes ranging in price from 280yen to 400yen. That’s not true though – note the “tax included” price below the big price. This used to be a common practice in Japan about ten years ago when government regulations forced all retailers to print the tax inclusive price on their menus. However, seeing it these days is a little annoying – I’d prefer if they just went with the actual prices.


The interior of this store (in Akasaka) was modern and light – but that’s hardly surprising for a newly opened store. At least they demonstrate better interior decoration taste than Fuji Soba.


It was a hot day, so I went for the cold kamatama udon dish for 348yen with a slab of squid tempura for about 150yen.

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My lunch partner went for the Zaru Soba for 293yen and the squid slab.

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Overall, the service was quick and polite and the cool, fresh noodles provided a refreshing lunch on a stinking hot day.

Name: Tsurumaru Udon (つるまる饂飩)
Pricing info: From 280yen
Location(s): Akasaka, Iidabashi, Kanda, Kayabacho, Sendagi, Shiba, Shinbashi, Shinjuku, Toranomon, Yaesu,
Web: http://www.tsuru-maru.jp/
Business hours: Mostly 7am until about 10 or 11pm

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