Today we had an opportunity to speak with photographer and blogger David Powell. Dave writes the widely popular Tokyo based blog ShootTokyo.

Dave currently has “Shoot Tokyo The Book” on KickStarter, with only a few days left order your copy now now!

How did you get into photography?

I was looking for a hobby that would allow me to balance my work and life. I didn’t have time for regularly scheduled classes or events. Photography is something you can do anywhere anytime and Tokyo is the perfect city for it.

What is one of your favorite things about photography?

I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Photography is a surprisingly social hobby and I have been able to make some amazing friends and meet some really interesting people.

Is photography expensive?

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It doesn’t have to be. Tokyo has an amazing amount of second hand camera camera shops carrying anything from very cost effective old SLR film cameras for $50 or $80 to some of the highest end rarest cameras in the world.

I hear you are creating a book based on ShootTokyo.

Yes, I launched a Kickstarter Project to create a photography book based on my photography. The project has been very successful achieving more than 500% of my initial funding goal.

ShootTokyo has become very popular, has anything surprised you about running a blog?

I get asked to do all sorts of strange things from being asked to translate things, buy people things and ship it to them, make bookings for people or to call and negotiate with places for people. I typically politely decline and point them to the sites or companies that are providing these services. I find it amusing that they would reach out to a photographer blogger for things like this.

Geisha in Gion

Cherry Blossoms on Meguro River

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Viewing Mt Fuji

The Guitar Man

The Shinjuku Eye

The Noodle Maker

Dark Shibuya


The Conductor

Open Train Door

The Conversation


What’s the cheapest way to see Tokyo?

Buy my book. It’s much cheaper than flights, hotels and food in Tokyo.

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