A fellow lover of the outdoors and nature with rather an enthusiastic interest in fungi, Eringi is one of my most eccentric and fun friends from Tokyo. Being a fluent English speaker and well traveled, Eringi has picked up along the way a handy cheapo instinct for bargains too. So without further ado I’ll had you over to Tokyo’s sweetest Mushroom:

Eringi | Photo by Eringi

How long have you been in Tokyo and where were you before?
Born in Tokyo, grew up in Nagano (Karuizawa), have been to Australia, am now in Tokyo.

What brought you to Japan/Tokyo?
It is simply because I am Japanese Mushroom!!!

Briefly describe a typical day in your life?
Weekdays –> Morning training/stretch as soon as I wake up –> breaky –> work (8:00 – 19:00) –> dinner –> training (capoeira or acrobatic class once a week, Tai Chi once a month)
Weekends –> Morning training/stretch as soon as I wake up –> Brunch –> Go for riding (bicycle), seeing friends, hill-climbing, walking around my house, looking for mushrooms, cooking etc…cannot write down all here

eringi learns about mushrooms | Photo by Eringi

What do you like most and least about Tokyo?
LIKE –> Many friends are here, convenience, many interesting festivals
HATE –> AIR DUST, too busy, everything is expensive

What’s your biggest expense?
PC and bike

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What do you blow out money on (i.e. what’s the fruit of all your cheapo savings)?
Food and Mushrooms (I know many good places for mushrooms)

Where are good places for mushrooms? are they secret?
In Tokyo?
There are nice mushroom place in Ebisu, Kinoko Izakaya.
They serve many mushroom foods and decorated with mushrooms!
But I cannot say its “modern” and “cool”, just old oyaji Izakaya lol
Still like it.
You can find many mushroom goods in Shimokitazawa, even antique one.
I bought mushroom chair there.
Also remember there are mushrooms in “gachagacha” as well, which is called capsule toy. Do you know that?

What are your top three Tokyo cheapo tips?
1. Huge discount store, such as Don Quixote
2. Use bicycle instead of public transport, or just RUN (means try to live close to your office)
3. Hanamasa, professional-use supermarket (Business Supermarket?).
They are not really discount store, but if you buy a big amount of foods, you get them cheaper. You must have big freezer though [;)]
Also 100yen shop would be useful sometimes.

Do you have a website/social media account we for people/stalkers who’d like to find out more about you?
Hey, you know that already!!

Mountaineer Mushroom | Photo by Eringi
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