Adrian Hogan

Adrian along Meguro River | Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

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This week the podcast team sits down with illustrious and alarmingly nice illustrator Adrian Hogan, best known for his viral ‘panoramic coffee cups’. Adrian takes us through his winding Japan journey, from being a ‘will draw for food’ starving artist to being commissioned as the Starbucks Tokyo Roastery muralist, plus some viral instagram moments, what fascinates him about the Japanese color palette and illustration style, and why Jesus Christ is buried in northern Japan.

And in our Tokyo Stories, Greg befriends some drunken ojisans and explains what the Japanese drink ‘hoppy’ is, Chris has two serendipitous encounters in one cafe, and Taryn is obsessed with a sparkly train.

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Produced/edited/mixed by Taryn Siegel

Music by Ryan Carter


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