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The Tokyo Cheapo Podcast is BACK after a sizable hiatus – here with our second episode! This week, we sit down with ‘most illustrious gentleman’ Jared Campion of DreamDrive vans. Jared takes us through 12 years in Japan – from failing as an English teacher to succeeding as a real/fake ‘bling bling’ priest and eventually starting his own #vanlife company. A big fan of the roadtrip, Jared also takes us through some of his favourite travel stories, like sneaking on to a grape farm in Australia and posing as a tractor driver.

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And we’re once again bring you our new segment – Tokyo Stories! Every episode the podcast team will share some of their own stories – salacious, otherworldly and everything in between. This week Chris tells us why he’s eating like a baby/pensioner, Taryn has a mishap in a sketchy train station and Greg find a beer tap in an usual place.

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