You Can Stay in a Hello Kitty Hotel Room – But They Don’t Come Cheap

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If Hello Kitty is your thing, you’re in for a treat (and serious bill) if you stay at the Keio Plaza Hotel in either Shinjuku, central Tokyo, or Tama, west Tokyo.

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There are two types of rooms: Kitty Town and Princess Kitty.

Kitty Town is a pop design more suited for friends and families to stay in, while the Princess Kitty is filled with pinks and reds, and is probably better suited to couples or guests who want to feel like a princess.


The Keio Plaza Shinjuku features four rooms of both designs (eight rooms in total), while the Keio Plaza Tama has four rooms in the Kitty Town design only.

Reservations opened on September 1st. The rooms at the Shinjuku Keio Plaza cost a cool ¥71,000 (around $700) for 1-3 persons. The Keio Tama Plaza rooms cost a marginally more affordable ¥28,000 (around $270) for single individuals, ¥31,000 (around $300) for two, or ¥35,000 (around $340) for three. But wait – prices do not include service charges or tax, so best brace yourself.


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The Keio Plaza Tama happens to be near Sanrio Puroland, the theme park for Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, so we can see the hotel rooms being very popular with slightly obsessive visitors.

Of course, you could just save your yens and browse around Hello Kitty-filled Kiddy Land in Harajuku, for free.

Hello Kitty is on a mission for maximum exposure this year as it’s the 40th anniversary since the Sanrio cat character came into our lives. So far we’ve seen Hello Kitty launched into space (!), a Hello Kitty train in Wakayama, and a tie-up with the Chogokin model series.

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