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Welcome to Cheapo Weekender – a new weekly feature on Tokyo Cheapo rounding up some of the free and low cost activities on around Tokyo over the coming weekend.


As we’re on the cusp of rainy season, the major seasonal festivals at this time of year are based around the hydangrea flower (called ajisai in Japanese).  The ajisai festivals are on all over Tokyo and beyond at the moment.  One of the good ones starting on this Saturday and running through until the 8th of July looks to be at the Kyodo no Mori Museum in Fuchu.  There are 10,000 plants on show and entrance is only 300yen.  Look out for similar festivals in your neighbourhood – entrance is likely to be similar or free.

Yoyogi Park sees a switch from the national festivals with the non-country specific World Gourmet and Music Festival on both Saturday and Sunday.  Prepare for an aural assault of pan-pipe music!

Suggested Activity
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In terms of traditional festivals, there is the Torigoe Shrine festival also on both days this weekend.  It includes the carrying of Mikoshi – ornate shoulder borne mini-shrines.  Closest stations (all within close walking distance) are Asakusa Bashi, Okachimachi and Kuramae.

Other Events

There are flea markets this weekend at Yasukuni Shrine on Saturday and at Yoyogi Koen in the Event Square area on both Saturday and Sunday.  If you want to sell stuff, the Yasukuni Shrine sale allows you to set-up shop from your car for only 3,000yen.

Tokyo Cheapo Suggestions

For a decidedly more boozy weekend,  check out Dela‘s post on Jumanji 55.

Have a great (low budget) weekend and steer clear of the Chu-hai!

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