Mark the “end” of Tokyo’s summer with a chilled weekend of candlelight, dance shows, a celebration of all things Filipino, and more.

In case you hadn’t heard, summer officially comes to an end on Sunday (and then continues on unofficially for a good while, with many people wearing autumn coats in denial). One of the biggest events in Tokyo this weekend is the Philippine Festival in Ueno Park, where you’ll be able to see lots of entertainers (some flown in specially from the Philippines) and taste adobo and other popular Filipino dishes.

If you missed the crazy show in Harajuku last weekend or want to see more of the energetic dance that is yosakoi, check out Chofu Yosakoi 2014, where 33 dance teams will be competing. Yosakoi is traditional Japanese dance set to modern music, featuring cool costumes and fast moves. There will also be typical Japanese festival food – squid, yakisoba, those weird bananas on sticks, and lots more.

The Hodogaya Candle Night in Kanagawa is a laid-back way to spend your Saturday night – thousands of candles will line the paths of the big park, and there will be mellow music in the background. A rather romantic spot for a cheapo summer date!

Sunday sees the monthly Ooedo Kottouchi Japanese Antique Market on at Yoyogi Park, so if you’re in the market for fancy old stuff, you  might want to mosey on over.

Arty eco cheapos will probably be keen on the free exhibition at Spiral Garden, where Melbourne-based artists Stephen Mushin will be displaying original ideas for a more sustainable world.

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And if you haven’t experienced the terror of the giant Godzilla at Midtown yet, this weekend is your last chance to do so.

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