Cheapo Weekend for December 13-14: Xmas Shopping in Tokyo

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Xmas is fast approaching, and if you’re a cheapo who celebrates the event, the markets happening over the next few days are perfect for prezzie shopping. Even if you have no interest in festive gifting frenzies, the Boroichi and other markets are great for bargain hunting in general.

The Boroichi Market is a gigantic winter flea market that dates back more than 400 years. It’s a colourful treasure trove of trinkets and cool stuff, and worth a visit for the atmosphere alone. It will be happening in Setagaya on Monday and Tuesday – so save up some cash over the weekend. In the meantime, the regular hippy event Earth Day Market will be putting on a special seasonal version, Happy Trade Xmas, on Sunday, and is a good spot to pick up fair trade and fairly eco-friendly items. If you’re something of a shoe fiend, you’ll want to check out the Hanakawado Shoe Market near Ginza too. They’ll also be flogging hats, scarves and accessories. In the mood for a mug of hot wine and some stollen? Check out some of the German markets in our Cheapo Xmas/Winter Markets in Tokyo guide.

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For a bit of free art, you can pop over to the Chihiro Art Museum – admission is free this Sunday. Studio Ghibli fans might want to see the 3D Architectural Ghibli Exhibition before it ends on Sunday. And if you’re interested in experiencing a powerful part of Japanese history, take yourself over to Sengakuji for the 47 Ronin Winter Festival, a somber commemoration of the 47 loyal samurai laid to rest there.

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4 Responses to “Cheapo Weekend for December 13-14: Xmas Shopping in Tokyo”

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    Just a head up, the 3D Architectural Ghibli Exhibition has been extended till March 15 2015 so there is still plenty of time to see that =)

    • Avatar
      CheapoEditor December 11, 2014

      Thanks, Phil! We will update our event post to reflect that.

  2. Avatar
    Colette Wheeless December 11, 2014

    I think Setagaya Boroichi is the 15th-16th, which is Monday and Tuesday. 🙂

    • Avatar
      CheapoEditor December 11, 2014

      Thanks Colette, glaring error on our part! We have corrected the post. 🙂

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