Cheapo Weekend for December 6-7: Golden Fire and Free Art

Carey Finn

Gingko trees at Jingugaien
Gingko trees at Jingugaien | Photo by Hideya Hamano used under CC

In Tokyo this weekend? Prepare yourself for an explosion of golds, ambers and reds. We’re talking about the last of the autumn leaves – and other more literal fiery affairs.

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This weekend is likely to be the last good one for the ornamental maple and gingko trees dotted around town, so get yourself down to Jingugaien for a play among the falling leaves. While you’re in the area, you could pop across to the Thai National Day Festival in Yoyogi Park proper for a spot of green curry and some local tunes. Round off the day with a stroll around Rikugien Gardens – their Autumn Illumination event ends on Sunday. Alternatively, head over to Odaiba to catch the (very) mini fireworks shows which will be lighting up the sky over Rainbow Bridge every Saturday in December. Not enough pretty colours? Go have a gander at some of these fancy winter illuminations.

If you’re up for the trip into Kanagawa, the Akibasan Fire Festival in Odawara City is a particularly hot event (yes, we really did that) this Saturday. Going back more than 400 years, it’s a special occasion that involves watching stuff burn in an awesome fashion.

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Museum-loving cheapos might be interested to know that the National Museum of Modern Art will be free on Sunday. Although it’s not free, the 3D Architectural Ghibli Exhibition at the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is also worth a peek.

Have a thrifty one!

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