Welcome to the first weekend of April! We’ve got the cheapo event  lineup that will help you ring in one of Tokyo’s most venerated seasons.

Penis festival
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You may not be surprised by our top event pick: getting turned up hanami-style. Of course the two most awe-inspiring places include the Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival and the Sumida Cherry Blossom Festival. For the I-want-to-enjoy-my-cherry-blossoms-in peace type, then have a look at our full hanami guide for some less-crowded options. If you’re looking to add a bit of spice sakura-wise, you’ll want to view some stunning, nighttime cherry blossom  illuminations or even try unconventional ways to enjoy hanami…how does from way up in a roller coaster sound?!

Or maybe festivals tickle your fancy? The Yokohama African Festival (Fri, April 3rd to Sun April 5th) will stage traditional drumming and dancing, food and drinks, fashion and a whole bunch more. If good music and good times are your thing, then head to Yokohama and be part of the 20,000+ expected visitors.

Suggested Activity
Wear a Traditional Kimono in Asakusa
Stroll through the streets and take some photos, wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. The professional team at the rental shop will help you pick the perfect kimono, get dressed, and style you — so you're ready for your big day out.

There’s also the highly intriguing Kanamara Penis Festival taking place on Sun, April 5th. Things to expect: penis parade, penis food, penis worship—basically all things penis.

And last on our list, you can keep your Sunday (mostly) genital-free by going to the Museum of Modern Art and benefitting from its FREE admission day.

Happy Weekend!

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