Photo by Koubou Yamamomo used under Creative Commons.
Photo by Koubou Yamamomo used under Creative Commons. | Photo by 工房 やまもも used under CC

To the best of our knowledge, there aren’t many major free events on this weekend. The 33rd Asakusa Samba Carnival however is always one of the biggest events of the summer. If you want a good view of the dancers, you should turn up really early. Long before the parade starts, most of the best spots will already be claimed.

If you need to calm down after the samba, then there is a chilled evening event in Hodogaya in Yokohama on Saturday evening. Hodogaya Candle Night will (as the name suggests) feature lots of candles spread around a section of Hodogaya Park. The mini festival also features DJs and traditional music performances.

The Yosakoi dance festivals at this time of year seem to be happening every weekend. This Sunday it’s Chofu’s turn with the Chofu Yosakoi Festival. 33 teams with hundreds of dancers will parade from Chofu Station to Fuda Station (alng the road – not the train tracks).

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