Cheapo Weekend for November 2/3: Design Festa, Dream Yosacoy and Tori-no-Ichi

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Image by Erik, used under Creative Commons.
Image by Erik, used under Creative Commons. | Photo by Erik used under CC

With those pesky typhoons out of the way, at last we have a weekend we can enjoy in full. With two major events taking place within a few hundred meters of each other, Odaiba looks like the place to be.

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The bi-annual (as in twice a year) Design Festa returns to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba this weekend. The event bills itself as the biggest design related event in Asia.  While showcasing all things crafty and creative, it’s also become a magnet for cosplayers. Entry is 800yen for adults, more here.

Apparently it’s still warm enough for outdoor dancing – well the organizers of the Dream Yosacoy Festival think so at least. The main venue for the unconventionally named event is the big parade like area behind Diver City in Odaiba. Organisers expect 7,000 dancers and 500,000 spectators to show up.  The event also has secondary venues in Yurakucho and in Marunouchi – in the area outside Tokyo Station.

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On Sunday, November 3rd in the tourist mecca of Asakusa, in the vicinity of Otori Shrine to be precise, the Tori-no-ichi Fair/Market will be taking place.  The festival takes place on auspicious ‘rooster days’ in November (so there are two more). For good luck, you can buy a ‘kumade’ rake decorated with silver and gold.

Two ongoing events mentioned in previous cheapo weekends – the Kanda Used Book Festival and Design Touch 2013 wind up on Sunday, November 3rd and Monday, November 4th respectively.

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