Tokyo events for Monday, May 27 to Sunday, June 2, 2024.

What’s that sound? It’s the pops and bangs of fireworks by the ocean. This weekend gifts us with three brilliant pyrotechnics displays in Zushi, Odaiba, and Yokohama.

For events closer to the city, try art shows, theater performances, or cultural festivals filled with welcoming vibes.

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Tokyo Art Tank Vol. 11: Tokyo Spring Exhibition

Welcome art enthusiasts to the Spring Exhibition of Tokyo Art Tank Vol. 11, a week-long art exhibition showcasing the incredible talent of 27 groundbreaking Tokyo-based artists. From contemporary paintings to avant-garde sculptures, this exhibition promises to inspire and captivate audiences of all ages.

Romeo and Juliet

Be enchanted by the famous tale of star-crossed lovers with this professional English-language tour of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet from June 3 to 4. Presented by StagePlay, this production has assembled a talented international cast and crew, committed to honoring Shakespeare’s legacy while embracing the unique cultural experience of performing in Japan.

Zushi Beach Fireworks Festival

If you want to avoid the crowded mid-summer fireworks calendar, then go to this early summer fireworks festival that takes place over the ocean adjacent to Zushi Beach. There is a paid, ticketed seating area (which actually supports the running of the festival) but you can always be a freeloader and watch from anywhere outside the paid seating area on the beach.

Takahata Fudōson Hydrangea Festival

Get that shot of hydrangeas (ajisai in Japanese) framing a pagoda while enjoying some typical festival food and events. Every year the temple grounds of Takahata Fudōson come alive with pinks, purples, and blues for June.

Odawara Castle Hydrangea and Iris Festival

A mix of two beautiful flowers — hydrangeas and irises — in the same color scheme turns Odawara Castle into a pastel paradise. The grounds of Odawara Castle will be sprinkled with more than 10,000 irises and 2,500 hydrangeas. They contrast beautifully with the brilliant red bridge in Odawara Castle Ruins Park.

Oedo Beer Festival Spring

The spring version of the Oedo Beer Festival has returned to give craft beer fans even more choice of places in which to spend a spring outing. The event has been divided into two seasons. Over the two seasons, more than 30 different brewers and food stalls will be in attendance.

Aloha Tokyo

Aloha is a three-day festival of all things Hawaiian with a veritable host of musicians and hula dancers performing. The festival is supported by Hawaiian Airlines and will take place at Ebisu Garden Place in 2024.

Katsushika Iris Festival

Head to Katsushika Ward in Tokyo for the yearly iris festival taking place at Horikiri Shobuen Garden and Mizumoto Park. The Horikiri Shobuen Garden boasts 6,000 iris plants and 200 varieties, while Mizumoto Park is home to 14,000 flowers and 80 varieties.

Star Island Odaiba Fireworks Festival

Experience fireworks like never before over two nights at the Star Island Odaiba Fireworks Festival. Around 50,000 fireworks are expected to go off over the two days and a special 3D sound and laser show will also wow onlookers.

Yokohama Port Festival

The Yokohama Port Opening Festival is Yokohama’s largest public event of the year and celebrates when Yokohama Port first opened. There is a variety of events taking place across the two days — all with the aim of further promoting Yokohama and its culture. As well as being able to board ships at the port, you can also watch live performances and eat some good food.

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Vietnam Festival

The Vietnam Festival is back with all the trimmings. Held at Yoyogi Park, the event stage will host traditional and modern performances. Up to 200,000 visitors are expected to attend over the weekend — join them in perusing the 120 stalls of Vietnamese food, drink, and merch.

Shimokita Railway Festival

Grab a beer, ride a horse, and listen to great music from local bands at the Shimokita Railway Festival. Limited menus and live music are standards of a festival in Shimokitazawa, but for this particular street party, you can enjoy more than 50 fun projects. There will be a craft beer festival and limited-edition menus at local restaurants.

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