The coastal city of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture is planning to launch its own campaign to boost tourism. Separate from the controversial Go To Travel initiative backed by the national government of Japan, this local tourism recovery effort is the brainchild of Numazu’s mayor, Shuichi Yorishige. It includes a range of discounts and freebies.

Note: If you are considering domestic travel, you are strongly advised to take precautions against the spread of COVID-19.

According to The Mainichi Shimbun, Numazu City will be providing visitors with discounts on accommodation, marine activities, hot springs and public transport. The campaign is due to start in the middle of August, depending on the coronavirus situation. The end date for the campaign has not been announced yet.

The discounts available on marine activities will reportedly be 50%, or up to ¥5,000. Though the amounts are not clear, entrance to the Kurura Heda hot spring will also be discounted, as will accommodation at the Hakamadaki Auto Camp caravan site (read about renting cars in Japan).

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Staying at accommodation in Numazu will also get visitors a discount coupon of ¥500 for use on local buses and taxis.

In addition, visitors can expect gifts and tourism posters inspired by the anime Love Live! Sunshine!!, which is set in Numazu.

The Numazu tourism promotion apparently is aimed primarily at encouraging visits from people living in other parts of Shizuoka, as well as neighboring prefectures.

Can people from Tokyo participate in the Numazu tourism campaign?

While residents of Tokyo, who have been excluded from the Go To Travel campaign, have not been barred from enjoying the special offers in Numazu, The Mainichi Shimbun reports the mayor of Numazu urging people to take measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Beyond that, it boils down to individual choices. Any kind of travel during the pandemic does carry risks—both for the traveler and the places they visit.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change.

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