Weirdest, Scariest and Cutest Halloween Costumes from Tokyo Halloween 2015

Adriana Paradiso
See the best costumes of Tokyo Halloween 2016.

With Halloween Eve behind us and All Hallows’ Eve upon us, devilishly good times are in the air here in Tokyo. While other areas of the metropolis might have appeared routine and unexceptional, spots like Shibuya and Roppongi saw a blowout of costumed revelers in utter celebratory mode for days before the real McCoy and night of. While that may not sound like a big deal to some of you Westerners out there (heaven knows you party hearty for weeks in advance), know that a few years prior Halloween was basically a nobody around these parts, finding only pockets of participants. Shibuya in particular now has the potential to be one of the biggest Halloween street parties in the world.

Update at 12:00 pm, Nov 1 – Halloween night in Shibuya

The Halloween costumes in Shibuya veer much more towards the creative. No shortage of minions, swat teams and the undead.

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Ninja Attacks
A Ninja Attacks Us | Photo by Martin Holtkamp
Shibuya Halloween crowd
Shibuya Halloween crowd. | Photo by David Ishikawa
tokyo halloween 2015
Peekablue | Photo by David Ishikawa
It's impossible to take a wide shot without Minions in it.
It’s impossible to take a wide shot without Minions in it. | Photo by Chris Kirkland
Where are all the corpse grooms?
Where are all the corpse grooms? | Photo by Chris Kirkland
Cop some rest
Cop some rest | Photo by Martin Holtkamp
Obligatory sexy Abes
Obligatory sexy Abes. | Photo by David Ishikawa
No faces
No faces. | Photo by David Ishikawa
tokyo halloween 2015
How we felt when WHO said processed meats cause cancer. | Photo by David Ishikawa
I see you
I see you. | Photo by David Ishikawa
One of the spookier costumes of the night
Some of the spookier costumes of the night. | Photo by David Ishikawa
Sad face scary face
Sad face scary face. | Photo by David Ishikawa
The first thing that happens when you become a zombie nurse is that someone eats your right eye.
The first thing that happens when you become a zombie nurse is that someone eats your right eye. | Photo by Chris Kirkland
We... ahem... have no idea what these guys are supposed to be
We… ahem… have no idea what these guys are supposed to be | Photo by Chris Kirkland

Update: Halloween in Roppongi at 10pm

Halloween in Roppongi this evening was a giant street party with tens of thousands of revelers, so many that one lane of Gaien Higashi Dori was closed to traffic to accommodate the pedestrian overflow. Despite the area’s rep for being a bit seedy, everyone was in a festive Halloween spirit.

Halloween revelers in Roppongi
Halloween revelers in Roppongi | Photo by Greg Lane
The Halloween street party in Roppongi
The Halloween street party in Roppongi | Photo by Greg Lane
A cross dressing horror Snow White - that's a 3 in 1
A cross dressing horror Snow White – that’s a 3 in 1 | Photo by Greg Lane
Ananoymous | Photo by Greg Lane
Saving the day in Roppongi
Saving the day in Roppongi | Photo by Greg Lane
Hiroo | Photo by Greg Lane
Disney princesses in Azabu Juban
Disney princesses in Azabu Juban | Photo by Greg Lane

Friday, October 30th in Shibuya

Tokyo Halloween 2015 Sexy Bunnies
Obligatory sexy rabbits | Photo by Chris Kirkland used under CC
Halloween Shibuya 2015 - The Droogs
The Droogs | Photo by Chris Kirkland
shibuya halloween zombie tigger
Zombie tigger | Photo by Chris Kirkland
Female Halloween droog
Photo by Chris Kirkland
Spidy and Calpis | Photo by Chris Kirkland
headless man tokyo halloween 2015
Off with his head! | Photo by Chris Kirkland
Freaky Shibuya Halloween
Sexy/Scary? | Photo by Chris Kirkland


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A likely group of buds
A likely group of buds | Photo by David Ishikawa
Photo by David Ishikawa used under CC

DJ Police Encore

Just like last year, the notorious DJ Police are out in full force…and more voluminous as well. One passerby summed up their presence perfectly, “There’s way more than last year. They’re just out to completely irritate people…and I guess keep the peace.”

Also at the helm was some zombie enforcement…

sexy police girls shibuya halloween
Many zombie police keeping the streets safe | Photo by Chris Kirkland

…and some cheeky zombie foes.

halloween zombie escaped convicts
Escaped zombie convicts taking selfies outside the Koban in Shibuya | Photo by Chris Kirkland

The Morning After

And by 8:30am, the Ghostbusters (and regular clean up folks) have the streets spic and span already!

ghostbuster trash clearing
Photo by Chris Kirkland
Trash clean up
Photo by Chris Kirkland

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