Genki Sushi – Fresh, Cheap, and in English!

Grace Buchele Mineta

Don’t let the frowny face fool you, the Kaiten Sushi (sushi that comes on a rotating belt) is one of the happiest places in Shibuya to fill your tummy for cheap. Located a short walk from the popular Shibuya Station (in the back district of high end restaurants, American apparel shops, and Karaoke bars), Genki Sushi is a great place to stop, rest your feet, and munch on some absolutely delicious, fresh sushi.

Genki Sushi Shibuya

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The convenience of Genki Sushi is two-fold. First of all, it’s in a very centralized location. Usually a fair share of what you pay for food in Tokyo comes from the location. After all, a centralized building in one of the most popular districts in Tokyo doesn’t come cheap. However, Genki Sushi’s nicely air conditioned and convenient location doesn’t add yen onto the price of the sushi.

The second aspect of convenience comes from the “order your own sushi” button (don’t worry; it has settings in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, and a couple others). Once you order, you have to wait a couple minutes while the people in the back make your sushi. Once they’ve finished, they load it up onto a plate (that holds the maximum of three plates of sushi) and send it to you. And by send it to you, I mean actually send it to you.

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Genki Sushi Ordering menu

Once a plate carrying your dishes gets close, the buttons in front of you will start lighting up. The plate will stop in front of you, you grab your plates of sushi, and press one of the blinking buttons, sending the tray back to the kitchen. Genki Sushi has three layers of delivery channels, so the trays don’t knock into each other. The best part about ordering your own sushi is…

Genki Sushi


The Genki Sushi is fresh. Very fresh. I can actually taste the difference. The Salmon is soft – not yet begun to melt to the rice. The egg is still springy. The seaweed is still crisp. Everything in Genki Sushi is delicious and fresh.

Every time I go to kaiten sushi, I usually like to order my sushi fresh. After all, I’m not exactly picky – but I know what I like. And, of course, no one knows how long that sushi has been rotating on the belt. Or at least that’s what my Japanese friends always tell me.


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The best part about ordering your own sushi on the screen is you can special order it to have no wasabi, a little wasabi, tare sauce, or other additions. And they can’t judge you for ordering that way (I mean they can, but the people in the back kitchen never get to actually put a face on the judgment, since a mechanical plate delivers the sushi).


Despite the rocking taste, Genki Sushi is one of the cheapest of sushi places I’ve ever been to, especially when you consider the cool factor, the quality, and the location. They have two types of stores – some that serve mostly everything for 105yen and other shops that serve most pieces for 120yen. Like I said, Genki Sushi is very affordable; a full meal should be less than 1,000yen.

They have a nice button in the corner where you can check your tab at any time. It will show you a list of the sushi you’ve ordered as well as the delivery status (so you don’t accidentally double-order).

Genki Sushi

Next time you’re in Shibuya, take a short break at Genki Sushi!

Location Map:

Name: Genki Sushi
Pricing info: 600yen - 1100yen
Location(s): Kawasaki, Oomori, Sagamihara, Shibuya,
Phone: 03-3461-1281 03-3461-1281
Business hours: 11:00~24:00
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8 Responses to “Genki Sushi – Fresh, Cheap, and in English!”

  1. Ally & Brandon Tatum

    Gotta try this sometime 🙂

  2. Based on Tokyocheapo’s recommendations we tried this place and a lot of other recommendations and had a GREAT TIME. Thank you.

  3. How much did you get paid for this post?

    • CheapoGreg

      As you can imagine, we’re living in the lap of luxury after writing this post and sending countless hordes to Genki Sushi. We don’t do advertorial although we did pay our marvelous writer Grace for this.

  4. Just ate here. Awesome! Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Going to try this out 🙂 Moving to Tokyo. Been here about one month already, and discovered a few things of my own that you guys don’t mention @ tokyocheapo yet. I am sure you will get to it soon 😉

    • CheapoGreg

      If you have any tips for us, please share! You’d be surprised how many things we have covered – try the search box at top right 🙂 There are also plenty of cheap places we don’t cover – like the sushi chain where I was dining with a friend and a cockroach fell from the ceiling into his soy sauce!

  6. LoVingThePanda

    We have Genki sushi outlet here in my country. Yes ,it is indeed fresh but I found that the portion is a bit smaller than the other sushi competitor. I usually spend around 1100yen for sushi including ocha but here in Genki I need to spend 1500yen or 400yen more expensive. But the shinkansen miniature which deliver the sushi plate just adorable. I guess we pay more for that cute shinkansen 😀

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