Napoli’s is a chain of pizzerias that has expanded rapidly across Tokyo and beyond in the past couple of years.  Although they all share a similar concept and similar names, there are two distinct types – the flagship Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe stores by the parent company Endo Japan in Shibuya (2), Akasaka, Jiyugaoka, Atsugi and Odawara, and the slightly differently branded (franchised) Pizzeria Bar Napoli stores in Asagaya, Kichijoji, Shibuya, Nakano, Nerima, Hiroo, Ikebukuro, Asagaya, Shimokitazawa, Yokohama and Machida.

Napoli's Bar and Caffe in Akasaka
Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe in Akasaka | Photo by Greg Lane

While both serve cheap pizza, the concept of the two Napolis is slightly different. The Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe stores have wood fired pizzas for as low as 350yen with cheap pizza sets available throughout the day. The Pizzeria Bar Napoli stores differ slightly from location to location.  The Shimokitazawa and Hiroo branches, charge a flat 500yen fee for their pizzas but the prices go up after 7. The exact prices and set meals will vary depending on the location.  The main Kichijoji store even offers home delivery.

Pizzeria Bar Napoli

The varieties on offer for 500yen at lunch time at most Pizzeria Bar Napoli branches are margerita, cicienelli (whitebait with clams), funghi, napoletana, prosciutto, quattro formaggi, diavola and tonnata.

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Photo by Gregory Lane

The presentation of the margerita at the Shimokitazawa branch was fantastic – and they weren’t stingy with the mozarella cheese either. The crust was crisp and smokey and the ingredients had that baked in freshness you get with a well made neapolitan pizza.

Photo by Gregory Lane

The Cicienelli was a nice contrast. Actually my preference as I prefer non-cheese pizzas. The crust was perhaps a tiny bit overcooked but the smoke charred aroma more than made up for it.

Photo by Gregory Lane

In contrast to another cheap pizzeria – Sempre Pizza – which we reviewed a while back, Pizzeria Bar Napoli has more the feeling of a full service restaurant.  In fact, that’s what it is – in the evening, the prices go up to normal pizzeria levels.

At most of the Pizzeria Bar Napoli’s branches happy hour with 300yen Carlsbergs starts at a ridiculously early 3pm and runs until 7pm, making  Napoli’s possibly one of the best places in Tokyo to have a late lunch that lazily transforms itself into a boozy early dinner.

Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe

At the Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe branches, you can get a margerita for 350yen, a ciccinelli for 450yen, diavola and a tonnata for 500yen and a variety of other pizzas ranging up to the least appetizing 700yen mexicana.  Addtionally, there are ‘sets’ available including a drink + salad or french fries for an additional 350yen or an ‘alcohol set’ consisting of a draft beer or wine + french fries for an additional 600yen.

Photo by Gregory Lane

The presentation of the set at the Napoli’s Pizza and Caffe branches is a little less sophisticated, but the pizza sticks faithfully to the Neapolitan tradition.

This post was originally published on April 9, 2013 and has been updated. Last update: August, 2014.


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