We’ve seen the dressed-up-dogs, the motorcycle-riding cats and the rabbits in hats—we know that Japan takes pets to a new level. This guy has a much more chilled version though…. Tsukishima local Hisao Mitani (68) has been taking his pet Bon-chan on daily walks for years, much to the joy of local children, and the confusion of local dogs.

Bon-chan was brought home as a gift by Mitani’s wife during Obon festival, leading to his festive name. At 70kg he’s a hefty sized African Tortoise and lives off a diet of vegetables and fruit whilst living like a king in a specially-built enclosure.

So, next time you’re around Tsukishima keep an eye out for this guy… but don’t worry, you probably won’t miss him!

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Although Tokyo is hardly teeming with giant tortoises, another tortoise of the same species also goes for regular walks with their owner next to the Kanda River in the Waseda neighborhood. Riku-chan, a 27 year-old specimen, is known for wearing red socks and shoes on its rear feet. Riku-chan’s owner accompanies the tortoise on a trolley. Although not as well known as Bon-chan, Riku-chan certainly attracts a lot of attention when out for a walk.

Riku Chan walking through Waseda
Riku Chan next to the Kanda River | Photo by Gregory Lane
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