Hemp-derived food products are hitting new highs in Japan as more people seek healthier lifestyle options. Of course, with a strict THC-zero policy, any CBD product you buy in Japan is 100% THC-free. Although raw ingredients are mostly imported, you can select from local manufacturers, Japanese OEM brands or import distributors. Feel free to drop by the CBD cafes and shops we recommend in Tokyo, see our guide to CBD shopping online or check out our handy CBD glossary if you’re unsure of the terms.

How to buy quality CBD products safely in Tokyo and Japan

CBD products sold by a licensed manufacturer or distributor in Japan have to be certified 100% THC-free. The real issue, however, is less about accidently getting high than quality assurance. A 2017 study showed that 26% of tested CBD products contained less CBD than advertised — and CBD doesn’t come cheap!

CBD gummies | Photo by Gregory Lane

It’s safer to stick to reputable manufacturers, trusted brands, products that display test results on their website, or those certified with a third party logo such as the JCA CBD. It sounds like a lot of sleuthing, but read on – we’ve got your back.

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On a cautionary note, never purchase CBD products directly from abroad (even using a postal forwarding service) or get family or friends to send you anything containing CBD. Regardless of label statements, you could still be prosecuted for any (incidental) THC content if you ‘import’ these products.

Relax and chill in Tokyo CBD cafés

Cafés offering CBD-infused drinks and edibles have been popping up around Tokyo in recent years. Some places don’t last that long, but a few are more established:

1. Mes by CBD (Coffee)

Mes by CBD (Coffee) has plenty besides coffee | Photo by Gregory Lane

CBD Coffee is a customer-centered CBD experience. They started with a small corner coffee shop near Komaba-Todaimae Station and now also have a place called Mes by CBD (Coffee) located at 1-6-5 Mita in Minato City — about 10 minutes walk from Azabu-Jūban Station.

A “Red Smoothie” with CBD dripper at Mes | Photo by Gregory Lane

They’re not just about coffee though; you can get fruit-based or veggie-based smoothies, and choose the CBD brand and dosage for your drink. While you’re there, pick up some Mes brand CBD products including decaffeinated ‘night’ coffee bags, infused with water-soluble CBD.

2. Green Store

Green Store is about a 3-minute walk from Higashi Nihonbashi Station or 5 minutes from Bakurocho Station in Chuo Ward. They’re not a café as such, but a chilled storefront where you can purchase and try various CBD products in a relaxed environment.

Product taste-testing is by online reservation only (website in Japanese). Prices start at ¥1,000 and you can try products from an à la carte or set menu. Since CBD can be expensive, this is a great option for finding products you really like.

3. Hemp Café Tokyo

Hemp Cafe Tokyo is a short walk from Ebisu Station. It’s a comfortable space with wooden furnishings and a small terrace. Their shop has a select range of CBD products.

Hemp Cafe Tokyo | Photo by Gregory Lane

Hemp Cafe serves plant based (vegan) food, including some gluten-free options. The menu has burgers, yakiniku spring rolls and sushi, plus Korean and Mexican favorites. It’s a cool place for vegans and their friends to pick up some CBD stuff together.

4. Healthy Tokyo

Healthy Tokyo bill themselves as ‘Japan’s CBD pioneer and vegan innovator’ and were the first to set up their own CBD brand in Japan. They sell gluten-free treats, pet treats and you can also customize your CBD drinks. What more could you ask for?

You can pop by their vegan cafe shop at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 on the free access third floor. Alternatively, they have cafe stores in trendy Harajuku and upscale Daikanyama (which has a pet terrace with CBD dog treats), plus a large factory storefront in Edogawa. 

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Where to shop CBD online in Japan

There are two choices for online CBD shopping in Japan: you can buy direct from the brand website, or from a general retailer.

General retailers tend to be selective in what they sell; however, you can compare brands, and they sometimes have really good promotions. Some international brands don’t have a website in Japan and may only be available from a general retailer. Conversely, there are also a number of small and unique Japanese brands that only sell on their own website.

Top-selling CBD brands in Japan

As of 2019, the three top-selling CBD brands in Japan were Pharma Hemp, CBDfx, and Koi, followed by Cannapresso, Endoca, Aztec CBD, Hemp Touch, and Organi CBD. These are all foreign brands, but Japanese manufacturers are starting to make their presence felt.

1. Pharma Hemp — manufacturing CBD in Japan

Pharma Hemp is based in Slovenia. They have a factory storefront 3 minutes walk from Denenchofu Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line in Tokyo. Their Japan website is great for more ‘pro-user’ products with up to 40% CBD content, CBD pastes, crystal oils and water-solubles. 

They also do OEM production for brands like Mikka cosmetics. English is limited on the site, but translation works well enough. Many retailers stock their products.

2. CBDfx – the most popular American brand in Japan

CBDfx (Japan) is a brand out of California in the US; you can view all product test certificates on the website. They have coupon deals for basketed items and orders over ¥10,000 get free shipping. You can easily buy their products from general retailers too.

3. Aztec CBD — best brand for (THC-free) Full Spectrum

Some CBD products including Aztec | Photo by Gregory Lane

Aztec CBD is a top UK brand from London. Aztec has the best selection of Full Spectrum CBD for vapes, tinctures, and gummies. Their Japan website has a number of exclusive products, including CBD incense, and all products proudly display their lab tests. Aztec partners with CBD-Online at their Rakuten shop, and other retailers also stock their products.

4. Hemp Touch — discounts for subscribers

Hemp Touch is a CBD brand out of Slovenia focused on skincare. They’re also well worth mentioning for their CBD sprays in addition to regular tinctures. Products don’t display any lab tests, but several have been selected for the Beauty Shortlist award. On their Japan website, you can choose a monthly subscription purchase for CBD products which gets you a 15% discount on top of free shipping.

5. Mukoomi – shop Japanese cosmetics in English

Mukoomi is a cosmetics brand founded by Priyanka Yoshikawa, the Miss World Japan 2016 winner, after discovering CBD as an effective remedy for her own skin problems. Mukoomi sells oil tinctures, toothpaste tablets, body soap and cleansing masks. Each product displays a lab test certificate and you can shop in English. Goods ship from Osaka and orders over ¥10,000 are shipped for free.

6. Healthy Tokyo — Japan CBD pioneer

Healthy Tokyo sells broad specturm CBD and their gummies are unique. Their website is in English and Japanese. You can shop easily by CBD category, purpose, or in-house brand; the percentage levels are medium to low. They have a great range of vegan and gluten-free goodies plus products with unique Japanese ingredients and flavors,  and all have a complete ingredient listing.

You can even order online and pick up at one of their shops, or have items sent to your hotel or Airbnb. See their FAQ on the website.

7. Ataracia — a rising star in Japan

Ataracia is a Japanese brand that’s attracting attention. They have 5% and 10% unflavored tinctures as well as unflavored vape cartridges. Sometimes they have skin care kit promotions so you can try out their cosmetic range. All their products display lab test results and a few general retailers also stock their products. 

General online CBD retailers in Japan

Many of the key brands featured in the above section are also sold by general CBD retailers. The popular vape brand Koi uses licensed distributors.

1. Apipol Farma Japan

Apipol Farma Japan produces a CBD product available online called Women’s Balance. Apipol is excellent value at ¥4,980 for 60 capsules each with 12mg of CBD and 3mg of CBG. They also have monthly and bimonthly subscriptions which offer more savings. On top of that, you can get a 5% discount by using the discount code CHEAPO.

Women’s Balance CBD Capsule | Photo by Apipol Farma

2. Green Store — online retailer with the most options

If you have a favorite CBD brand or product you’re looking for in Japan, Green Store is the place to go. They stock many products from well-known brands and some items from smaller brands. They also carry Japanese brands like Mikka Skincare, CBD Medica, CBD Salon and Sakura CBD. All products have detailed information, but the website is only in Japanese. As mentioned above you can also visit their Tokyo store, try products for a reasonable fee and get advice on your specific needs.

3. CBD-Online Jp for selected brands

CBD-Online Jp is a more recent player. They stock items from key brands like Pharma Hemp, Natuur, CBDfx, Koi, Sakura CBD, Ataracia, and others. They also have a Rakuten Store and you can find them on Yahoo Shopping too. They have good discounts and a handy feature is the ability to shop by price range.

4. Hemp Fields Japan — online and in Shibuya

CBD Shop Hemp Field | Photo by Gregory Lane

Hemp Fields Japan is good for full spectrum CBN, CBG, CBT etc. oils and hemp terpenes, although they have regular CBD too. You can also visit their convenient store front at 1-8-5 Shibuya-ku which is a 5-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station (Yamanote Line).

Other online CBD stores worth a mention

Lily Steam Clinic uses CBD certified by the CBD JCA and they produce some unique vape oils including a smoky cigar flavor for those tired of fruit flavours. Fleex CBD sell an alcohol-free CBD soft drink and they have a great selection of CBD candies, especially their #Gyms brand with added GABA and L-Theanine.

Tokyo Mooon is a CBC ingredient importer and OEM manufacturer of CBD products in Japan. They have a small original product selection of CBD, CBN and CBG oils.

CBD craft beer in Japan

CBD Beer is more expensive than the average craft beer, usually around ¥1,200 to ¥1,450 a bottle, depending on the CBD content. Here are a few to try:

West Coast Brewing – authentic US-style brewing in Shizuoka with the best selection of CBD craft beers in Japan. CBD content comes in 15mg, 40mg, 50mg, and a 100mg CBD terpene offering. Availability is unpredictable, but a good place to buy West Coast beer is the Bubbles craft beer online store. You can also shop on the West Coast webstore, at their Shizuoka storefront, or try a specialist beer stockist.

A dank beer from West Coast Brewing | Photo by Gregory Lane

Ataracia Craft Beer – produced in cooperation with Yokohama Craft Beer. It’s a German style Weizen ale with 20mg CBD, available from the Ataracia store on Rakuten or Amazon Japan.

Calms CBD Beer – a venture project between Bright CBD and Oga Craft Beer of Mitaki City. They use water-soluble nano CBD from Oregon in the USA. Their German pale ale has 30mg CBD, and the American pale has 15mg CBD.

A handy cannabinoid glossary

Broad spectrum CBD contains only CBD as the active compound. Full spectrum CBD contains various cannabinoid compounds including CBD and other nutrients.

  • Cannabinoids — any of 104 chemical compounds found in cannabis.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) — the key cannabinoid derived from hemp stems and leaves with high pharmacological effects, but not psychotropic.
  • Cannabichromene (CBC) — a type of cannabinoid said to be higher in antibacterial, analgesic (pain reduction), and antidepressant properties than others.
  • Cannabigerol (CBG) — a cannabinoid thought to suppress tumor growth and to help with bone formation.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) — has antibacterial and analgesic properties, helps with bone formation, and specifically insomnia.
  • CBD isolate powder — a crystallized powder derived from refining only one cannabinoid component such as CBD or CBG. It tends to be 97% pure with no other cannabinoids or terpenes. Opinions vary on its effectiveness.
  • CBD liquid — a liquid made by mixing vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycerin (PG), and/or MCT oil with extracted CBD compound.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the main component of cannabis hemp with psychotropic effects.
  • Terpenes — a general term for fat-soluble organic compounds found in plants, insects, and fungi that also have a distinctive smell. CBD terpenes are thought to help with inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Vape — using an electronic cigarette or vape pen to heat and evaporate liquid ingredients for inhaling.
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